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    Budget Build?

    get a used haswell cpu, slap it on an used mitx board and get a cheapest SFF gpu you can get. there is a 1060ti or even 1080ti SFF but for your budget, I think a SFF 1050ti is best you can get. I am still on my haswell build (4770k) and using 1060 and still I can play newest games. I dont have...
  2. night.fox

    AMD Radeon VII 16 GB

    man I thought this would bring the green cards forced to bring down price... meh, hoping to get that 2080 but even 1080ti is still too pricy for me to get this time due to higher pricing here in korea.. oh well, I will still hold on to my 1060 for quite sometime
  3. night.fox

    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    When I used linux, I could see some space like 300mb or even less. I have formatted that but it cant. Have tried formatting to any other file systems, ntfs and exfat. Windows shows it is formatted. But once reinserted, it came back original state. Same message for linux. But most of the time, it...
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    Ok I guess I am giving up on this one. I have tried everything I can on linux and windows and seems I cannot do anything elses. I have tried formating to ext3, 4, any other file systems. It did reformat but once I reinsert, back to original state. As I mentioned previously about the time, I...
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    Ok ok. So I went straight to my laptop and did all the suggestions above..... First off: Copy / Move / from SD Card. - Done. Funny thing is when I move it did actually move the file in my desktop. So I refresh, safely removed and reinsert. Guess what! File Came back lol... I copied one video...
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    will try this once i arrive home. Have tried on my note 9. I think I posted it above. Initially it shows error. Then it ask me to format and I did. It was stucked at 20% for like 30 mins. then I cancelled. Next time I inserted. It didnt even detect. Will try this. I will post back result...
  7. night.fox

    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    Thanks for all the help guys. I still dont think card is broke since I can still access the card. Now installed SD Card formatter and running "overwrite format" since the quick format didnt work. Will get back once finish formatting. Currently in 24% now:) edit: Got this message: But...
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    Thanks. Tried that and all fails. Now Tried the software AOMEI, have tried formatting. It shoes it is formatted but once I refresh, it is back again. Now I am trying the wipe partition and see if it helps. Will get back if any is successful edit. Nope nothing works. This hard-headed sd card...
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    Hello guys. been long time didnt post. Well just been busy and dont have time much on techs nor computer anymore since my daughter born. Anyway, I was checking my USB's storage bag (yeah ive got like 20 pcs 4 to 16gb each) lol and I saw small micro sd card. And I remember this was from my old...
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    Share your Performance test 9 results

    My 3 year old GS70 6QE laptop :)
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    2 isp accounts on the same adsl line

    why not 2 accounts with separate line? buy another NIC card and install in any free slot. I believe (though I have not tried) but you can assign one line exclusively for gaming and one for normal. or assign one exclusive to your computer and one line for whole other users at your home. But...
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    Secure Boot.. yay or nay?

    Isnt it when first introduced at win8 you cant even install win8 os if secure boot is disabled? I dont know now on win 10. I just leave it enabled. Dont know if it will cause problems if I disabled it
  13. night.fox

    Free firewall recommendation

    ive been using windows firewall since windows 7 and I am using free version of sphinx firewall control. it integrates with windows firewall so you can easily monitor apps and traffic so easily. I also use router firewall although I just leave it as default.
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    Outlook 2016 Reply view settings

    yup. These dialog is on new message and not outlook itself. too much hidden options ha ha. but its alright now. Experience
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    Outlook 2016 Reply view settings

    Thanks. but.... I cannot find the formatting marks. I will keep searching. edit. Ok I found. I click new mail and formatting is there. But sign is different from the link you gave. atleast on mine is different symbol. (thanks MS for confusing) Anyway, all ok now and back again. Phew. MODs you...