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    Installation of new mobo

    Disconnect everything (all sata devices, graphics cards) and only leave connected 8pin for the cpu + 24pin for the mobo + 1 ram stick. Hook the monitor to the iGPU and power on the pc. Also make sure that ur case doesnt short anything, assemble it outside of the case just to make sure. If...
  2. Nike_486DX

    HELP: Dont know whats wrong with my card

    Does ur card have 2 bioses? If yes then maybe u might want to try the other (unflashed) bios to test the performance. Try to flash from dos... It is weird that despite of lower tdp u are getting higher temps, something is going really wrong with the fan curve or the driver. + reinstall msi...
  3. Nike_486DX

    Help not sure what’s wrong

    Well i am on 1155 3rd gen and i prefer Windows 7, if u got 775 pc then it is 100% recommended to install Win7 cuz of the drivers and overall performance. Still, the issue u are facing has nothing to do with the OS, but rather ur mobo or ur ssd (or the sata cable) ;)
  4. Nike_486DX

    HELP: Dont know whats wrong with my card

    Did u use DDU to reinstall the drivers? Wipe them nicely and then make a clean install. Then test everything again. What are the temps, voltages and clocks? PS Next time u would start tinkering with a graphics card it would be great if u could set the temp/clocks/tdp/voltage/scores baselines...
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    Help not sure what’s wrong

    It does not detect ur ssd mate... Try to connect another hdd/ssd with another cable, just to verify, try another SATA port too. If nothing works then it is a mobo issue, did u get a new mobo or it is a used one? Optiplex 780 is a 775 machine right? (pretty old by now)
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    Help not sure what’s wrong

    With the 1030 connected, turn on the pc and then go to BIOS. Search for "Init Display first" or "video device" or "video/display output", make sure it is set to PEG or PCIE. What does the boot sequence list say? Does it detect ur ssd?
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    Help! Messed with CPU cooler, now PC won't turn on.

    Sooo it doesn't beep when u try to boot without ram? Looks like a fried board to me (the fan output is limited to like 5-10w i guess, so when u plugged the pump the thing blew up)
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    RTX3080 signal pollution demonstration by the use of Oscilloscope

    That is actually a universal statement that applies to any cpu / gpu / etc. It is the reason why overclocks are less and less significant nowadays, and is why u can still do some crazy oc with LN (because at lower temps the conductivity increases). RTX 3080 / 3090 (Ampere in general) is a new...
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    Asus Strix 2080ti OC - Bricked

    There are arguments in nvflash to force the flash procedure, also does the card show up in the device manager? As a last resort u can try to flash it with an external programmer, also check thoroughly for any damage on the pcb or on the gpu die.
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    Help not sure what’s wrong

    Does it detect the ssd tho? Adjust the boot sequence to make it boot from ssd only.
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    What video card provides...

    HDMI is digital. So is the audio part of it. But digital is not as good as analog :) ps in an hdmi interface there are only a few pins dedicated for audio. So it is pointless to have a sound card with HDMI (unless it is a weird one that also sends some video and stuff).
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    Help! Messed with CPU cooler, now PC won't turn on.

    How about trying to boot up with no fans connected to the mobo? Also try to power on without any ram sticks, if it starts beeping there might be some hope for an easy solution...
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    Does my cpu support this ram?

    Just get the best bang for the buck ram modules u can find, then tighten the timings as low as u can... That is it. It is recommended to get Samsung chips and the modules to be dual-rank.
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    windows xp installation

    Maybe with 2.31 the compatibility with WinXP was finally broken. Anyways, what is the purpose of installing 2.34 if 2.30 can do the job? I mean i understand that there are some programs that would run best under Windows XP, and that there are environments that WinXP is suited for better than...
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    Sapphire 290 Post Issue

    UEFI and BIOS have nothing to do with the card - motherboard compatibility. period. U can stick a 6600GT into a Z390 mobo and it will work just fine. So you can stick an RTX 3090 (didnt try that one lol) at least a GTX 1070 in a 939 mobo and... it will work just fine. Try to reflash it with...