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    Scam Citizen just trashed all of their code and started over

    I mean, wow. Even I didn't think it would be that bad. lol at the guys on this forum who spent a ton of money and kept defending them
  2. NinkobEi

    Ryzen 4c/8t benchmark

    comparing either to a 4 year old i5 or i7 and I think we'll see pretty similar results. everyone knows IPC has been stuck for a long time
  3. NinkobEi

    Ghost Recon Wildlands: Performance Analysis

    yet another poorly optimized ubisoft game
  4. NinkobEi

    About Intel price cut article that was deleted.

    hey say what you want about my posts, but at least they had entertaining content!
  5. NinkobEi

    About Intel price cut article that was deleted.

    oh yeah, don't say anything bad about star citizen. they get deleted and threads get closed
  6. NinkobEi

    Retailers slash prices already in response to the Ryzen threat

    Intel still has some +s like ECC support (AMD doesn't have this) which a lot of people find important, quad channel ram, thunderbolt 3, an iGPU on a lot of their processors, and I dunno - optane I guess? AMD is the better value though for sure
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    Intel DX12 TechDemo - Asteroids

    Intel TechDemo: still a better game than Star Citizen :)
  8. NinkobEi

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    looks like this game is adding lots of things that SC only dreams about
  9. NinkobEi

    Upgrading to Kaby lake

    here's a tip then: don't spend $324 on a motherboard
  10. NinkobEi

    Bethesda mentioning Radeon RX 490 8GB VRAM

    they already leaked the 5xx series so it makes little sense that they would go backwards
  11. NinkobEi

    Upgrading to Kaby lake

    its an okay deal sure. but if someone asked me if I would rather spend an extra $100 on a motherboard, or on a CPU, I'd say CPU every time. 7700k will give you a significant performance boost.
  12. NinkobEi

    RX 480 -- Less performance with OC?

    monitor your temps. increase the fan speed curve to make sure you arent getting too hot. increase the power limit to make sure your card is getting enough juice
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    I7 3770k vs i7 7700k

    your own results showed an increase in FPS. I think at this point you are willfully ignoring your own evidence
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    I7 3770k vs i7 7700k

    timings are going to be a little important as well as the amount of ram - 8gb is the new 4gb. In this specific situation, unless running a 144hz monitor I would say that you are right and ram will not make a difference. but the performance gain is greater than 0, so faster ram does affect gaming...
  15. NinkobEi

    Crimson 17.1.1 is out

    i left like 3 days ago quit dragging me back :)