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    Need a HD7950?

    I have a HIS IceQ Boost Clock X2, nothing wrong with it, silent, runs fantastic. It's review suggests it goes toe to toe with a 670 and even better when Overclocked. But I would probably recommend the Sapphire or the MSI Twin F
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    Catalyst 13.2 (official) beta 3.

    Installed the driver, noticeably Skyrim is now buttery smooth with no slowdowns at all. Used to notice the odd slowdown and lag from time to time on older drivers, but absolutely seems nailed. Will try BF3 at a later date! (Having said that can't say how BF3's performance can be improved...
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    Catalyst 13.2 (official) beta 3.

    Is there a changelog? Just wondering if there is meant to be any bugs fixed (not that I have encountered any on my seemingly flawless 7950) or performance gains to be had. Currently on 13.1
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    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    I think ill only buy it when there is an Unofficial Patch out and appropriate mod support
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    7.1 Sound? Headset advice.

    Thanks for the answer. Yeah my brother has two platronics headests, both great and lasted for a while so far. But the reviews seem to be overwhelmingly in favour of these particular headests.
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    7.1 Sound? Headset advice.

    ordered the platronics 780 should be here in about 3 weeks, will see if it makes any difference. still would like an answer regarding sound car etc
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    7.1 Sound? Headset advice.

    Just realised that the headset is USB and therefore I don't think that a 7.1 sound card would be required since the 7.1 is simulated I guess considering that it only has two speakers on the headset.
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    7.1 Sound? Headset advice.

    So my headset (old logitech) has semi-broken and was always uncomfortable. Thinking of buying a new one, maybe this http://www.amazon.co_uk/dp/B0079G2Y52/?tag=tec053-21 I assume my mobo only has 5.1 and therefore I wouldn't reap the benefits of the headset being 7.1? Would I also need a...
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    can my Powersupply handle more?

    I'm using a 550W OCZ Fatality running my specs fine, i5-3450, 7950, 2 SATA HDD, 1 SSD, 2 ODD, 3 fans... Seems fine.
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    Giveaway: Sleeping Dogs & Hitman Absolution (Steam Redeemable)

    Is this closed? It brings tears to my eyes when people are so genuine and generous!
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    Far Cry 3 - Island Survival Guide

    I found it tough on normal difficulty myself. I think although it is relatively linear, it still is a fantastic game.
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

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    New F@H Team Members Post Here First

    Thank you, I will definitely have a look at crunching soon enough. Any ideas how to limit the amount of cores used in folding?
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    New F@H Team Members Post Here First

    Just started folding today. Not too sure how to do it, just downloaded a client and ran it, seems to be using CPU 100%. I'd prefer if it was only using less but not sure how? Will only be using it when I am not using the PC while its on, as its not on 24/7. Rig used is the one in specs, and my...
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    Your resolution?