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    Remasters that you would like to see?

    X-Com: UFO Defense (AKA Enemy Unknown) So good I still play it after 26 years ... Dang I'm old.
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    AMD CEO Lisa Su Tops Earnings as Highest Paid CEO in The S&P 500

    I'm guessing the other 161 companies are run by lizard people, like Tesla and Facebook?
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    CD Projekt Red Says No Change in "Cyberpunk 2077" Release, Employees to Work from Home

    This, most of the time I spend in the office is completely and utterly wasted. With everyone in Corona-quarantine I start at the time I usually go and drive into traffic, and stop once my wife has finished making dinner. I work longer, and the time I spend working is more focused, cause I don't...
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    Why not one really big core?

    It's not even solely a heat or power issue. The fact of the matter is the substrate simply can't handle those speeds and "leakage" pops up long before you ever get there. It would be like saying you can take a small one-cylinder engine and compensate for its lack of cylinders and displacement by...
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    Pagefile confusion. Windows 10.

    Even worse, it can severely hinder performance and downright crash a system in certain cases. I've been turning it off for years and have solved issues with it in certain cases. There's some older software that for some obscure reason will not run without a pagefile, but there is absolutely no...
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    Are VPNs a must have now days

    I'll second that question: Why the Frick would you need a VPN if you can't even offer a usecase? MOAR SECURITIES!!! is not a correct answer ...
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    RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 undervolting + maxed out power limit test by Hardwareluxx

    So basically AMD is ruining their own performance by setting the cards up with too much voltage, making them worse, louder and lowering the perf/watt. The undervolted Vega 56 seems like a price/perf winner for this generation. The hell is going on, AMD?
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    10 + Years on TPU? Wow...

    Bullshit, no woman has EVER had an age starting with the number 3. "Late twenties" is where it's at.
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    How long till Apple makes its own mac hardware?

    Highly unlikely since Jim Keller has been working for Tesla since he left AMD. Apple has "designed CPU's" in much the same way as I "designed cars" when I went to chose the upholstering for my car at the dealership. When you buy into ARM, it's not like getting a x86 license. AMD and intel...
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    Liquid-cooled AMD Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition Power Draw Tested

    It could still happen. Vega would just have to supply a mere 58 TFlops, and they'd achieve that goal >.>
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    AMD CEO Talks Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen 3 Series in Latest Company Video

    By that logic, Intel CPU's should cost no more than the 50 euros I spent on my cousins G4560 times 2 or 4, depending on the number of cores they have. Pushing more silicon into one package has never, and will never, be cheaper.
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    Petya/NotPetya: The Ransomware That Wasn't Actually Looking to Ransom Anything

    If you realize this, you weren't the intended audience. These charades by Putin aren't meant to make you think he is innocent. They are meant to make the yokel Russians who keep him in power think they are once again being attacked by the evil, invading West. If you watch state-sanctioned news...
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    Help!!!!! Building a PC for the first time what does these things do

    Pretty sure the guide I used to install my 486-DX2 was carved on a slate.
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    Graphically intense game appropriate for 11yr old

    Dear young people, I was recently asked to build a small powerhouse for a cousin of mine. Budget was ample, so he has some serious oomph to run games with from now on. He's progressing from an AMD A8-7600 APU with 8GB's of RAM and a hybrid disk to an intel 7600, GTX1070, 16GB's and an nvme SSD...
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    Best way to protect against WannaCry

    It's SMB1 specifically, which is disabled by default in W10. Also, who the hell has SMB ports open to the internet? The virus most definitely DOES get in via fishy mails, but can spread via SMB1 afterwards. Source: Just spent a week hardening 152 BU's to this crap, because not everyone was...