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    Editorial NVIDIA DLSS and its Surprising Resolution Limitations

    A lot of words to basically say: if the frame rate is too high, the tensor cores can't keep up. This explains why high end cards can't use DLSS at lower resolutions. Lower-end cards on the other hand have so few tensor cores, that they can't keep up with the high resolution to begin with...
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    Creative to Launch Audiophile-grade Sound Card: Sound BlasterX AE-9

    Pick any from this list that suits your budget and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get rock solid drivers and none of the SB “sound enhancements” crap. As you will find out, 300 bucks can buy you much more connectivity than you’ll find in the SB, plus performance that matches the claimed...
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    Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones Launch in North America

    You aren't missing anything, except the frequencies that are higher than 1/2 of the sampling frequency (and which often are deliberately filtered off to avoid aliasing). As simple as that. As long as the sound you're sampling doesn't contain frequencies higher than 1/2F_s you'll be able to...
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    Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones Launch in North America

    Native CD frequency? I guess you mean the sampling rate. If you've got a very well mastered recording (not that common these days), what you'll get is around 20Khz at most as upper bound. Keep in mind that most of the time, a wide frequency range is given mostly to emphasize that the product...
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    Your Paid For Windows 8 Metro Apps: Microsoft's Handy Big Brother Kill Switch

    Nothing really new here. All OS-s are moving this way, now I heard some time ago that even Ubuntu's package repository includes some payed stuff as well. Maybe the rules aren't so stringent there but anyway, I don't like the idea. I dig the good old times of plain desktops and CD content.
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    Small, High Resolution Windows Laptops Coming In 2012 - Thanks To Apple

    I read a very nice explanation @anandtech once for why most people need around 300dpi of resolution for text displayed in a range comparable with that when reading a book. I don't think there's much to argue about it, 300dpi (or ppi, if you wish) or something similar is useful for a smartphone...
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    PHANTEKS TC14PE Now Available for Purchase

    Can't help but agree. Check the best twin tower design from 5 years ago, check out the best one you can find in retail right now. We're talking 2-3 degrees difference in cooling performance, no show stopper by any means. If you like the cooler color and you're ready to spend the bucks over...
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    Prolimatech Launches Aluminum Vortex Silver Wings 140 mm Fan

    Alu is for pussies, give me my carbon-fibre fan for 50€ and I'll buy 8 for all my PCs at home. Really, those guys must be out of their mind.
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    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    If someone remembers the Quad FX platform, it was supposed to work better with the then unreleased Windows Vista, which was supposed to handle NUMA better than XP. Both QFX and Vista faded into oblivion. The bottom line should be clear, don't rely on a OS to make your CPU shine. I thought AMD...
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    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    All those fake screenshots and "faster than 990X" claims really made me believe that something big was coming from the green camp. I think they really rushed it out a bit, but on the other hand releasing a Thuban-class CPU alongside Ivy Bridge would have made it downright obsolete from day one...
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    Ivy Bridge CPUs Feature PCI-Express 3.0

    Sandy and Ivy should be pin compatible, so if you've got a 1155 board, you should be fine.
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    Ivy Bridge CPUs Feature PCI-Express 3.0

    There is one very nice side to this piece of news, if some vendor comes up with the idea of splitting those lanes in 4x4 you get quad SLI/CrossFireX for the masses :) I'd say 3 midrange cards would do a nice job blowing everything else away, plus there are still 4 lanes (~8 2.0 lanes) for...
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    Khronos Releases Final WebGL 1.0 Specification, Brings Accelerated 3D without Plugins

    It's more about what your browser can do and not so much about zillions of megabytes traffic. I can think of a very nice example, actually. With a canvas element you can generate fairly complex graphics in just say 20 rows of code, which is in fact a lot less than having to transport all the...
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    Intel Slips In 120 GB Postville X25-M G2 SSD

    Right now, a 120GB Onyx 2 can be had for ~160€ in Germany, and a 60GB Vertex 2 - for ca. 95€. No matter how you put it, at 210€ the Intel drive is way too overpriced. I suspect that for all practical purposes, the Sandforce drives are also faster, which makes the price even more off-scale. Well...
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    Cooler Master UCP 900 W Receives the Coveted 80 Plus Gold Efficiency Certification

    The first 80+ Gold certificate went to SeaSonic, I think, so this CM isn't the first 90%+ PSU around... Anyway, I'm curious what's inside - it's very likely to be aChannel Welll, they've got quite a few Gold models listed on 80plus.org, including a 950W monster.