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    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    Yes should be fine. Most of the time the BIOS and Windows shows different speeds and volts even with the CPU speeds. So you should be fine.
  2. nt300

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    YautjaLord, Those settings are currently irrelevant. You need to start from scratch and gradually increase your OC bit by bit. So you get the max OC for all your settings.
  3. nt300

    AMD announcing GPUs Sept 25 in Hawaii

    No, it will not.
  4. nt300

    New AMD GPU Family Codenames "Volcanic Islands" and "Pirate Islands"

    This is what I am waiting for the high end next gen graphics,:D
  5. nt300

    AMD Opens New Global Design Centre in Hyderabad

    Good news.
  6. nt300

    Google, IBM, Mellanox, NVIDIA, Tyan Announce Development Group for Data Centers

    Integrate the CUDA GPU and POWER ecosystems.? Anything CUDA is bad news IMO. Not a positive development at all.
  7. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    That A10 looks great. I wonder if final version changes.
  8. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    The A10 WILL sell! BlackBerry A10 Aristo Rumoured Spec's Who considers the iPhone 5 as a High End Device? Well, it has a Dual-Core 1.3GHz CPU and 1GB of memory with a crappier camera than the Z10. Yet its a high end device. lol Apple's excuse is iOS is a very optimized OS, and I have to...
  9. nt300

    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    PC gaming has been growing faster than console growth. By 2014 PC gaming would have surpassed all consoles combined in revenue.
  10. nt300

    AMD FX-9590 Pre-order Pricing Sticks, Starts At US $878

    The prices are a joke right :confused:
  11. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    I read S. Africa has more Blackberrys than all the mobile phones combined. They have about 55% market share and growing at an alarming rate. They also growing in Canada, up over 13% from last and in the UK and UAE.
  12. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    Yes I did, where is Canada, UK, S. Africa along with other countries? Blackberry increased market share in these places along with may more. BB10 just came out it will take time to get around. Remember the quote from the Blackberry CEO. He speaks about once all 6 BB10 phones are released in the...
  13. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    BES10 manages everything old BES, new BB devices, and 3rd party iOS/Android devices from a single user interface. That alone make it very attractive. They also have the EASIEST path to BYOD anyone's ever going to offer in this industry! WIN WIN. Oh by th way BlackBerry has over 18,000 customers...
  14. nt300

    Official Blackberry 10 Club

    I like to see the Q10 numbers in action, so many enterprise customers moving toward BES10. I think good time ahead for BB.
  15. nt300

    Gaming at 4K

    I am quite happy gaming at 1920 x 1080p thank you. :D Maybe in the future when the cost is cheaper higher res displays will be popular.