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    CPU i7-12700H, RING EDP OTHER RED, DELL G15 5520, motherboard 05J7DY.

    Well, Something that has worked for me is after you have disabled VM and core isolation, and smart app control is to delete the throttlestop INI file and start throttlestop. FIVR registered after that for me at least.
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    CPU i7-12700H, RING EDP OTHER RED, DELL G15 5520, motherboard 05J7DY.

    disable smart app control for EDP errors. windows search-smart app control. Only applies in this case if throttlestop is running - under med-heavy workload, and the cpu frequency drops. Dont understand How no1 mentioned this already.
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    Should IMC limit Jedec ram profiles or it doesnt restrict RAM speeds. Eluktronics max 17 laptop?

    The first gen eluktronics max 17 came with a 9750h + rtx 2070. Stock ram was 2666Mhz and the 9750h IMC can run maximum 2933Mhz. For the last year I have been upgraded to G skill 2x32gb 3200 ddr4 @ 1.2v. Its Jedec profiles are from 2666mhz to 3200mhz. At first boot it was unstable and running...
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    PC crash while gaming

    discord running? disable ingame overlay
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    You have been hacked

    only way to n Happened once. reset old pass. immediately after got same alert from new pass. setup 2 step verification and another new pass. no problem
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    DDR3-2400 RAM won't operate at 2400MT/s, only 1600MT/s

    highest i got on asus p6t deluxe v2 w/ 1366 x5675@ 4.8ghz with g skill trident 2400 mhz ddr3 (2x8gb) was at 2095Mhz. Timings were something like 10-10-10-20 @ 2095mhz cpu pll to 1.8 or 1.9v and qpi/dram voltage to 1.35 or 1.4v. dont go above 1.4volts. x58 doesnt support 2400mhz. Select few...
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    I'm in desperate need of help with my laptop

    I use Liquidmetal for both cpu and gpu. You can reach thermal limits even with a fresh repaste, but if its the stock solution, you need to get some. I recommend a ONE AND DONE thermal paste. Its more tacky, performs identically as the best around, and i personally use it. its called prolimatech...
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    I'm in desperate need of help with my laptop

    are you on windows 11?
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    I'm in desperate need of help with my laptop

    If gaming, lower cores 1-6 all to 40x. The use of additional cores(41-45x), during an already taxing workload(gaming), for background apps in the operating system background leads to unecessary stuttering, heat, and power draw. Spikes in frequency from 40x to 45x always stutters my system in...
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    MS Has Bricked One of My Laptops

    there is a way to actually do it. it involves using a usb boot drive and replacing the welcoming login screen button that normally links to ease of access to CMD, allowing for you to reset your account password. You could always reinstall the OS. But I have done this fix successfully before...
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    Undervolting i7-12700h laptop

    After updating to win 11, my max 17 - 9750h wouldnt undervolt via throttlestop nor bios, I would apply changes but the offset wouldnt get picked up by either throttlestop or hwinfo sensors even with stock bios undervolt. I had to search for core isolation in the search and disable it. then...
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    [Help!] HDD usage stuck at 100%

    use latencymon program and find out what is causing the system latency lag issues too. If your laptop doesnt support uefi bios than DO NOT convert MBR TO GPT. IT WILL MAKE THE LAPTOP UNBOOBABLE. :eek:
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    [Help!] HDD usage stuck at 100%

    The operating system win7/10/11 is tied to the laptop using a hardware code. If you install an ssd into your laptop, you dont need a software code to activate the new operating system. get a usb to sata data cable off amazon 1. Manaul way - FRESH install of Operating system-what id do format usb...
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    [Help!] HDD usage stuck at 100%

    disabling wsearch may help, but isnt a permanent fix. Go ahead and shut off windows search/wsearch in services.msc and disable in startup and in recovery modes as well as stop the service. Im on win 11 now and cant do the rundown myself on win7/10. services.msc was one location, but theres also...