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    MySQL Help

    AFAIK the default access permission for MySQL is local-access only. You should only be able to connect from a PHP/asp/whatever file located on the server itself.
  2. Oliver_FF

    How to find out what sites are being called?

    Open Firebug, click to the 'Net' tab, refresh the page, click on 'Status' to sort it descending and all your blocked domains will jump to the top of the list.
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    Current Project: "Eyeball v.4" C++ Linux

    I thought I'd share with you all my current project - a network traffic analysis tool I'm writing for Linux. Anyone who's been around for a while should have seen the FAQ I wrote ages (years?) ago about sniffing raw network traffic. In that thread I hinted at some of the possibilities that I'd...
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    HTML5 vs. Flash

    The fact that they will not work in IE shows that IE is rubbish at following current internet standards. HTML4, Javascript and CSS are all common standards and have been around for quite some time.
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    HTML5 vs. Flash

    Has everyone seen what is possible with HTML4/Javascript at the moment? I get the feeling everyone is expecting something totally new in HTML5 when in reality the current HTML4/Javascript is already moving to take over Flash. http://www.chromeexperiments.com/ Look at some of those ^^...
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    HTML5 vs. Flash

    thats because whilst Flash is 'open' it is Adobe who develop the browser plugins - the Linux plugin is horribly inefficient. if you had a mobile device and wanted guarantee's that the end user experience is going to be awesome would you really want dependence on a third party? don't forget the...
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    HTML5 vs. Flash

    1. if I roll my mouse up and down over the news items my CPU usage hits 100%... 2. you can't "open in new tab" any interesting articles 3. the HTML page will load and work on -any- computer/device with a web browser
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    HTML5 vs. Flash

    Flash was developed a long time ago when HTML, Javascript and CSS were basic, slow and hard to use. Nowadays you can get the same functionality by using the technologies supported straight out of a web browser instead of having to rely on a third party plugin and development suite. What more...
  9. Oliver_FF

    Which is best language for daynamic website development?

    Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is IMHO the best language for dynamic website development. I'm assuming by dynamic you mean "the user clicks around the web page and cool things happen, things animate, new information is displayed and the page never reloads yadda yadda (think facebook)"
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    Online C/C++ help, guides, projects?

    C++ language tutorial: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
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    Need Help w/ Networking Exam Questions Please!

    An IP address who's first digit is between 1 and 127 is a class A address, so the network is denoted by bits 31-24 inclusive (don't forget bits are counted right to left) so it is '10'. I agree. I agree. For "" the "/18" shows that the network mask is 18 bits long...
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    Website help!

    from the code you had on Saturday 21:08 GMT!!! GMT! this will fix it: add a style for this: <div class="col1pad"> .col1pad { float: left; width: 800px; } remove left:280px; position:relative; from template.css line 133 remove margin-left:-280px; from template.css line 130 remove margin:0 0...
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    What do you use for security?

    Security through obscurity - use obscure usernames which contain numbers and swap to using non-standard ports for the important services (like SSH - get it off of port 22!). Its enough to keep the script kiddies away whilst still giving you access. Lets be honest - if a real criminal wants in to...
  14. Oliver_FF

    Your Epic Programming Experiences

    IE8 is a heap of s**t, especially in the mind of web engineers. I could enable IE8, but it'd look beyond terrible as IE seems to totally disregard some of the more important styles which hold together the result display. The search results are displayed as a map rather than a list - buildings on...
  15. Oliver_FF

    Your Epic Programming Experiences

    I'm only 21 so haven't had much experience yet, although I have spent a year as an intern for Sun Microsystems as a dynamic web engineer. I'm in my final year at University. Epic Success? Last summer after my internship ended and before University started I got pretty bored, so decided I'd have...