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    EVGA NU Audio Sound Card Unboxing & Preview

    I get the extra power-in and compared to a DAC which takes 5V directly those LDOs could actually improve things a bit. But I don't get the PCI3 Bridge at all. If it is USB anyway, just make it a dummy and add an internal USB connector. There's probably more boards with unused USB-Headers than...
  2. olstyle

    Is AMD Ryzen for you?

    If they would actually use CUDA/OpenCL to do the Encoding there would be no reason to have different qualities and there could still be speed gains. But what they actually do is to implement an dedicated encoding Logic with fixed algorithms inside the GPU which can run very fast but are not as...
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    Intel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform

    Intel has constantly downgraded the minimum requirement for what an "i7" actually is. Nowadays it's mostly "the most powerful Intel processor in one segment". So a "compute card i7" could still be a 1Ghz tops DC without HT.
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    AMD Announces the FirePro S7100X Hardware-Virtualized GPU for Blade Servers

    Any info on what core they use for this?
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    TechPowerUp 120 Hz Build Guide

    Maybe you could add a PSU alternative for European users. Rosewill doesn't seem to sell here (not that I would buy a PSU that even tomshardware classifies as quite loud). Some candidates: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151119...
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    Will you upgrade to Intel Skylake?

    I only upgraded to my 3960X when Haswell-E came out and the extreme enthusiast jumped ship. Haswell-E when Skylake-E comes out might be the next. Mid-Range Skylake is of no interest to me.
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    AMD Catalyst 14.12 Omega

    No it isn't. This is a technical limitation since (in the moment) AMD uses the rescale SIP of the GPU to scale down back to desktop resolution. I expect the next update (the one which is said to support all GCN cores) to enable shader-downscale which would in theory work with all resolutions.
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    Valve Runs a Direct3D to OpenGL Translation Layer

    Even a stupid compiler will inline most of those calls and get rid of the added reference, but they are not strictly preprocessor, that's right.
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    Valve Runs a Direct3D to OpenGL Translation Layer

    As far as I understand from a short look in the source, this wrapper is used at compile-time. This means that there is no overhead for redirected calls at runtime, but you need the source of a game to make use of it. I'd still expect a slight performance hit compared to native OGl though. Some...
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    PowerColor Announces Liquid-Cooled Radeon R9 290X

    Prices of the watercooled cards by powercolor have been quite decent in the past. In most cases they did not exceed the ones of other oc-cards + the price of the watercooler.
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    Lenovo Gets in the 'Miix' with New Range of Touch-Enabled Windows Device

    I really hope the haswell and FHD display of the U series get carried over to the Yoga line.
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    Lenovo Launches Yoga 11S Convertible

    Now give me a Yoga with pen support and I'm sold.
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    Club3D HD 7870 jokerCard Tahiti LE 2048 MB

    I'm pretty sure those are mini-Displayports. Mini-HDMI, combined with the ability to use them all at the same time, would need an additional converter chip.
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    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Starts Selling

    The 13 inch ones do use ivys: http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:category.details?current-catalog-id=12F0696583E04D86B9B79B0FEC01C087&current-category-id=1A4B81C8AC677A5FB11849005C1752B5&action=init#.ULXs0IYepDo Which makes the pricepoint of...
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    Lenovo Unveils ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook with Windows 8

    I wonder if this will get the yogas hinges.