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    ASUS Radeon RX 6500 XT TUF Gaming

    I think those raytracing numbers in Control and Doom need a visual check. +1% sound like it was not actually enabled.
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    50 Games Tested: GeForce RTX 3080 vs. Radeon RX 6800 XT

    You have it backwards: You can use high resolutions to find out what the GPU is really capable of and downscale that to have a rough idea what it could do in a lower resolution given enough CPU power. But the other way around the GPU is often no longer the limiting factor so the results do not...
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    50 Games Tested: GeForce RTX 3080 vs. Radeon RX 6800 XT

    Yes, that's what's happening. It's used in pretty much every game and is so normal that there is no longer any option to even tune it. The insane settings some early NV backed titles had are gone, but the technology itself has become a standard tool of any engine. The only difference with RT is...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

    Those are the same thing (one the cause, the other the effect), not two Independent Cons 16 MB L3 cache vs. 32 MB on Zen 3 without IGP Single-threaded/gaming performance slightly lower than other Zen 3 CPUs Apart from that a great test as always.
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    Hack a PC? Plug in a Razer Mouse with Automatic Synapse Installation

    This! I mean sure razer should not do what they are doing, but also windows update should never enable them to have such possibilities in the first place.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G APU Die Shots Published

    I'd even take out more CUs and primarily update the multimedia engine. The gamer IGP is what will be build into the Steam Deck. This here was always planned as a fast CPU for work which can put out an 2D image without an dedicated GPU. And for that the GPU part is still too big while lacking...
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    Samsung 980 1 TB

    Wow, that's a fast response. Did you mention the used disk driver on the TestSetup page? I skimmed through it but couldn't find the info.
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    Samsung 980 1 TB

    Does this mean that the Samsung driver is a must for this drive?
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    2.5" HDD Size Stagnation

    Servers used 2,5"? I assumed they are all 3,5" (apart from all the flash of course).
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    2.5" HDD Size Stagnation

    I can not even configure a magnetic HDD for that one at Dell at all -> an average customer will never know that the 2,5" option ever existed. To where to save all the cat pictures I already answered: "In the cloud'. You clearly don't like the situation, but the combination SSD + Network/Internet...
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    2.5" HDD Size Stagnation

    Maybe you where missing a comma behind orientated? That sounded to me like you implied adding an SSD is not improving the spec. But never mind , I now understand we are on the same page anyhow :toast:.
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    2.5" HDD Size Stagnation

    Adding an SSD IS bumping up the HW spec for better real life performance. @Solaris17 You make it sound like it's some kind of ripoff but it's quite the opposite. It's a real improvement where e.g. more CPU cores often would have done nothing at all.
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    2.5" HDD Size Stagnation

    The SFF OEM boxes now also come with an SSD as standard. Laptops are nearly all SSD anyway. Big amount of data gets stored "in the cloud" on 3,5" drives. So yes, the market pretty much imploded which means it's only logical there isn't much investment done anymore.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Could be Offered in Both 8 GB and 16 GB SKUs

    Why are we discussing double sided VRAM? 3070 is normal GDDR6 and the 256Bit Buswidth sound like they will use the smaller chip again. Which means you can get 2GB Chips off the shelf like they have already done(!) for the Notebooks "3080".
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    Denuvo Joins Exclusive PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware Program to Offer Anti-Cheat Technology to Game Developers

    PS3 and Switch can both be emulated to a surprisingly stable level and made to render in real 4k. Since the PS4 had quite a few rereleases of PS3 games with higher resolution as the main feature and the Switch is still current gen I'd say yes it can be and is used for things which could still...