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    Replace Router or not?

    Seems like a good deal, the need for dual band really depends on how congested the 2.4ghz channel is, check how many APs you can see when trying to connect to wifi, if more than, lets say 10, then you should invest in dual band. Good luck :)
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    ASROCK AM3 970 Extreme 3 and Kingston Hyper X 16GB (2x8): only 8 gigs available to W7

    Make sure that your RAM is completely seated in the socket. I've had a situation before where one stick of memory wouldn't detect but still boots up.
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    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Super Talent 2GB DDR2 Kit
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    AMD FX "Vishera" Processors Launch Pricing Surprises

    Oh okay, thanks. I would expect much lower from a lower voltage part though. Isn't leakage the other way around? Higher leakage = higher voltage?
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    AMD FX "Vishera" Processors Launch Pricing Surprises

    4ghz at .9v generates 125W? O.O
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    Updating my config (need advices)

    Yeah, I forgot about that, make sure you get the right version of Windows.
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    Intel Celeron To Get "Ivy Bridge" Micro-Architecture in Early 2013

    Intel needs to release some cheap unlocked procs, I'd be all over it :3
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    Liantec Announce ITX-QM77 Motherboard for IPC and SFF PCs

    never heard of these guys before. looks good for SFF build.
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    Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard Pictured

    Isn't this the same keyboard that came with the EEE Slate?
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    new built advice

    If you're looking for more upgrade room in the future these look great: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148561
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    Updating my config (need advices)

    what are you using your PC for? If you're not encoding videos or editing photos, you should probably get a 3570k and this memory kit looks pretty good to me if you can find it: Crucial Ballistix 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRA... i don't think there are 16gb dimms either, so that's probably...
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    Overclock reverts to stock clocks after resuming from sleep.

    Yeah, I'm using S3 sleep, I installed Windows on another hard drive to be sure it wasn't the motherboard and it ended up working, so I just reinstalled windows. Might have changed a setting, but ehh. Too much work troubleshooting, don't really have much on this computer anyway lol. :o
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    Overclock reverts to stock clocks after resuming from sleep.

    Okay, so I swapped the battery from another known working computer and still the same result. I searched google and found something similar on another site: http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?PHPSESSID=b3uk97fgjtf4k6prk1t1o1o6f1&topic=9237.15 Except I don't have a core i7. Maybe there's a...
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    Overclock reverts to stock clocks after resuming from sleep.

    Yeah, I have to go to the store and pick up a new battery when I have time, hopefully it's not the board. I don't think it's the overclock that's the problem though. It used to be at 3.3Ghz, now running at 2.9Ghz. Can't think of anything else to try. I hope it's only the battery, I don't have...
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    Overclock reverts to stock clocks after resuming from sleep.

    Yeah, I did all of my overclocking in the bios, this problem only happened recently.