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    Mad Catz Announces New Range of Color PC Products

    I wonder if these will still have tracking issues like the other line of mice.
  2. option350z

    Danger Den Closing Shop

    By this time guys, if you have not jumped on it since yesterday. You are pretty much picking up the scraps of what is left at Danger Den. All the awesome blocks and pumps are sold out. Good lucking finding some stuff if you can get to the website. It's quite sad to see them go though. I...
  3. option350z

    Quickest way to fully clean a desktop.

    Air Compressor and nozzle for filling tires is usually what I use. I have no problems with that. Gets dust out of the most hard to reach places. Plus takes less time. If you have one that is. Obviously clean the rest by hand of course.
  4. option350z

    Black Mesa: Source Gameplay

    They aren't really changing the ending all that much I would think. The dev team released black mesa unfinished. They decided that the entire community waited long enough for the release of this mod. So they put it out there to ease the crowd over until they finish the last 4 chapters of the game.
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    Modding a Corsair H50

    If you are using clear tubing, use a distilled water/anti corrosion/algae mix. You can use colored coolant if you want to. I used pt nuke with distilled water and some antifreeze. I did that to my H50. And it has been running great since. Yes you do have to use a anti-corrosion and algae agent...
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    Need cheap headphone amp for AKG 701's

    The objective 2 amplifier is a great amp to build. People do sell them pre-built. You can find them between 100-144 depending on where you look, already assembled. I built this amplifier for less than 50 total minus the casing. One of the best in that price range.
  7. option350z

    First screen shots of NFS Most Wanted 2012

    I see quite a few people quoting NFS Porsche Unleashed but oddly enough the best NFS game that changed the scene was High Stakes. The online MP on the PC was the game changer in my opinion. Had many awesome tracks along with awesome sets of cars, of which could be upgraded and such. Plus you had...
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    How far could I go?

    I mean you could. I have a Pentium 4 506 and I was able to overclock that to 4.5ghz stable on a Corsair H50. And Aida64 is perfect for monitoring the temps. I haven't tried coretemp so I don't know if it would work. So give it a shot haha
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    Just a friendly hello to you considering you are in the area of the NATO summit. Wanted to see...

    Just a friendly hello to you considering you are in the area of the NATO summit. Wanted to see how everything was going for you. Most of the area I have seen has been a ghost town.
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    Am I the only one who feels Diablo 3 isn't that great?

    As quoted from my hardcore Diablo playing friends, they did make number three easier in that aspect. Doesn't mean it isn't as good but heck it allows for noobs to play considering a lot of people I know who played WOW didn't play Diablo as well. Strange people I know.
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    Xilence Releases the New XQ Series Power Supplies

    Not a bad design at all. Reminds me of PSUs for Model Trains. Ones from Bridgewerks specifically.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Launched

    And POP goes the VRMs. Hopefully it won't be as terrible as the 590 with those issues. Pushing that much current has side effects you know. Where is the WTB for this thing now? They need to make a WTB themed after that.
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    Raptor Question

    Western Digital has a zero write utility on their website that is perfect for this. I don't remember what it was called but you can find it easily if you look for it. I will try and find the link. This is the Raptor I have but it will work with any drive...
  14. option350z

    "Hackintoshing" Easiest with GIGABYTE 3D UEFI BIOS

    Woah nothing happened hahaha. Nice feature but it isn't Gigabyte's fault . They don't advertise for it. Just so happened to have all the right tables coincidentally.
  15. option350z

    Your PC ATM

    What ya buildin' Jr?