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    Jon Peddie Research: 20 Million Shift from PC Gaming to Console Gaming by 2022

    Why would anyone switch to consoles? Consoles suck.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Specifications and Price Revealed

    It's for the kids.
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    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    I have a b450 and an x470. I dont care. :peace:
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    ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Matrix 11 GB

    I'm not impressed by much, but this card is impressive. Price, not so much.
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    NVIDIA Extends DirectX Raytracing (DXR) Support to Many GeForce GTX GPUs

    If raytracing wasnt demonstrated running on a radeon card (and rather well) by a third party, none of this would be happening. Full "Damage Control" mode.
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    Deep Fakes: Application of AI to fabricate videos

    You can't manipulate someone who has no stake in the game and doesnt give a crap. :peace: Food for thought.
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    AMD to Simultaneously Launch 3rd Gen Ryzen and Unveil Radeon "Navi" This June

    Well, if they are launched in june like they say, I'll be rocking a new ryzen and possibly a new board too if there's any benefit.
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    Intel Soaks Up Heather Lennon, AMD RTG Digital Marketing Head

    I agree. If it's anything in my opinion that has hurt AMD the most (aside from a few product disappointments in the past which happen) it's definitely their marketing. You have to engage more with the public...or the public will not be engaged at all. And this is especially true now where they...
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    EKWB M.2 Heatsink Stupidity Award for Design

    I wouldnt know. When I ordered mine, I got an empty box with no heatsink in it. After reading about it, I have no inclination to use one.
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    RTX 2060 Gigabyte OC reaches 80-84 degrees

    I will attest to this. I own one and it's a great card that stays nice and cool.
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    SilentiumPC Announces Signum SG1X TG RGB Case

    Looks like a coolermaster.
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    It's a great game, but I think it needs a serious graphical facelift.