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    ASRock Launches Jupiter X300 1-liter Mini PC

    Wow this is awesome, this is basically an AMD version of the HP Prodesk Mini PCs! I want one now to replace my HPs lol
  2. owen10578

    ASUS Showcases ROG Ryujin II AIO Cooler With 3.5" LCD Display

    Awesome that they're still using Noctua fans.
  3. owen10578

    NVIDIA RTX 2070 Modded to Support 16GB Memory

    I think the reason the card loses performance and crashes is probably just the memory straps being wrong for the memory chips.
  4. owen10578

    NVIDIA to Drop Max-Q and Max-P Differentiators in Mobile GPU Specifications

    Wow that is pretty shitty...
  5. owen10578

    Qualcomm Reportedly Developing Apple M1 Competitor Dubbed Snapdragon SC8280

    Unless this has the same magic hardware accelerated x86 to ARM instruction translator like Apple's M1 has this will not be able to compete.
  6. owen10578

    NVIDIA Evaluates Cryptocurrency Mining GPU Production

    If people wanted dedicated mining hardware they’d just buy ASICs...the whole point of GPU mining is its resellability after its mining usage is over. This is pointless for the most part.
  7. owen10578

    Intel Gives Memory Overclocking Ability to H570 and B560 Chipsets

    Wow they are so out of touch that they still felt it was needed to lock this pathetic feature to just i5 and above. Are the ones making these decisions living under a rock?
  8. owen10578

    MSI Unveils GeForce RTX 30-series SeaHawk X Graphics Card

    Fan stop for water cooling units is literally the worst thing to do with them ever. All its gonna do is heatsoak the F out of the water because when the GPU is at low load barely producing heat the water can go up to 50C for all it cares and the GPU would still not be hot enough to trigger the...
  9. owen10578

    AMD 32-Core EPYC "Milan" Zen 3 CPU Fights Dual Xeon 28-Core Processors

    Why in the world would you normalize the cores when they are not the same in the real world? That's just single core performance comparison with extra steps.
  10. owen10578

    Intel "Rocket Lake-S" Die Annotated

    *Flashbacks to netburst*
  11. owen10578

    CES 2021: Thermaltake launches DIVIDER 300TG ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

    I don't get it...what's the point of the divided side panel? It looks like a normal solid panel so it provides zero airflow benefits and provides no visual appeal either?
  12. owen10578

    Dual-CCD Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 7 5800X In the Wild

    Makes sense. I guess the dies might have worked but then failed once packaged and just turned off as a lower end part.
  13. owen10578

    AMD WRX80 Threadripper PRO Platform Breaks From OEM Shackles, ASUS WS WRX80 SAGE Spotted

    They're lower clocked and are more expensive? Also Epyc is more useful with being able to use more than one CPU per motherboard.
  14. owen10578

    Dual-CCD Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 7 5800X In the Wild

    This feels like they're disabling perfectly good 5900X and 5950X to meet 5600X and 5800X demands.
  15. owen10578

    DeepCool Refreshes its Identity

    That reads DR to me...