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    Samsung's New NF310 Brings Increased Power and High Styling to Holiday Netbook Lineup

    only thing missing is what graphics tech is used, usual Intel GMA rubbish or NVIDIA ION2 (please!)
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    AMD to Demonstrate Next Generation PC Experience Powered by AMD Fusion ''Zacate'' APU

    it's even less than that, most smartphone have the processor less than ~400mw. it's not a mandated limit, simply an "emergent" limit that has grown to become something like Moore's Law, whereby manufacturers have naturally come to settle on competing around this mark. so no, there will...
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    Point of View Releases its First NVIDIA ION Netbook

    there are TWO main reasons for all the boring "1.6Ghz Atom with 1Gig RAM and 160 gig hard drive" everywhere. 1) MS have limitations on the cheap OS licenses for various devices : EG- For Windows XP: 1. Main storage: Max built-in flash drive of 16GB and/or a hard drive of no more than...
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    AMD Demonstrates World’s First Microsoft DirectX 11 Graphics Processor

    i think you guys are confusing Geometry TESSELLATION with GEOMETRY INSTANCING. GEOMETRY INSTANCING From Wikipedia: "In real-time computer graphics, geometry instancing refers to the practice of rendering multiple copies of the same mesh in a scene at once. This technique is primarily used...
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    Adobe and NVIDIA Initiate GPU Acceleration for Flash Player

    what i don't understand is that Flash 10 is already supposed to be "Accelerated". just right-click any flash 10 content >SETTINGS...and you'll see the option "ENABLE HARDWARE ACCELERATION". so what's the difference? were they lying before when they said it was accelerated, or is this now...
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    Windows 7 Retail Jewel-case Designs Surface

    people like you and me understand the spreading energy idea, like Tesla did with giving free energy to the world. Now, think in MS's way.: how do you bill people if they want different versions from the same disk? what do you charge them at the shop? is there an internet shop to unlock the...
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    NVIDIA Tegra-based Mini-Notebook Spotted

    there are benefits to having the ability to share your information from your portable device. companies are producing portable devices with various video OUT features, from cabled solutions to full on built in mini projectors. the benefits are obvious. you say that watching content on the tiny...
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    NVIDIA GeForce Driver Version 182.06 WHQL Released

    vista x64 link dead, seems at Nvidia's end
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    Zii: A Supercomputer the Size of a Postage Stamp

    more like inspired by Sony's PS3 CELLBE.
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    6 Gbps SATA Drives Could Arrive as Early as Q2 2009

    a lot of people here seem to be focussing too much on the synching of the timing of the current SSD speeds and the interface. worry less about TODAYS SSD speeds and the interface they use, and instead realise that SSD speeds are increasing incredible fast compared to the interface they use...
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    Tegra SoC Designs based on GeForce 6 series

    unless you're driving a Diesel. any moving car will fail with an EMP blast :) spark plugs you see, they need to provide a spark for ignition on every cylinder cycle, for EACH cylinder. diesels have no spark plugs, except "glow" plugs. so you see, any car already NEEDS the battery...