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    Your PC ATM

    It's a glove :D
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    Your PC ATM

    1280x1024 :)
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    Your PC ATM

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    Realtek X-FI on ANY Realtek codec

    I guess this is ~the same as make unsupported vga to work with certain drivers :)
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    Athlon X2 + GPU(s)- Post your FPS in games here.

    BMW M3 Challenge Framerates: Min-70/Max-164/Avg-108 Resolution: 1280x1024 AA/AF: AA - 16xQ, AF - 16x CPU: AMD Athlon 4400+ @ 3,0GHz Memory: 4GB DDR2 PC6400 @ 1000MHz 5-5-5-15 GPU: Nvidia 8800GTS 640 @ 621/903/1458 MHz C/M/S Settings: Everything @ High and forced high quality...
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    NVIDIA Quadro Drivers Version 182.08 WHQL Released

    I found Quadro drivers more stable than GeForce ones :)
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    Best future-proof purchase you've made?

    My Ex110 wireless keyboard. I bought it two years ago and it's still great. :)
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    AMD X2 4400+ at overclocking help!!!!!!!!!!

    The board i'm using, Asus M2N32-SLI can handle 1500MHz and more on HT link. BTW almost all voltages except CPU (1.296V) and RAM (2,0V) are set to Auto.
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    AMD X2 4400+ at overclocking help!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, DRAM frequencies are safe :) I have 4400+ Brisbane too, but mine is BH-G2 stepping. It's running fully stable 24/7 @ 2909MHz with 1,296V. HT multipliers are 5, what gives me 1265MHz HT link speed. Highest freq i'm ever reached is 3392MHz with HT link @ 1475MHz. So i think you can get...
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    What is your PSU wattage?

    After a death of OCZ StealthXStream 600W, i'm using HEC Winpower 550W. :)
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    AMD X2 4400+ at overclocking help!!!!!!!!!!

    You can safely set HTT multiplier to 4, what will give you HT Link speed ~960MHz. Try to keep HT Link speed around 1000 and you'll be fine :)
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    AMD Indexed Overclock Speeds

    Crappy peace of chip. Can't get past 3,2GHz whatever i do on two different boards.
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    Windows7 + New Games

    Try Troubleshoot Compatibility I've tried GTA4, Fallout 3, GRID and Crysis Warhead. Ran without problems :)
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    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage
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    same as everywhere - pagalms :)