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    Windows 11 ISO Leaks to the Web, New Start Screen, Mac-like Centered Dock, Rounded Edges

    Dumb frontpage bar looks like a mobile app. Not suited for desktop work.
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    GPU Sales Increased 39 Percent in 2020

    I don't believe those numbers. Something else is at play here.
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    TSMC 4nm Production Hit By... A Full Quarter Advance?

    When you realise that every new node are more expensive per transistors and not much efficient, and that they have to disable a lot of them, the gains are debatable.
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    AMD Breaks 30% CPU Market Share in Steam Hardware Survey

    I'm done with Intel
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    NVIDIA Officially Announces RTX 30-series LHR Lineup

    1. Not gonna buy GPU with useless RTX transistors that I will never use. 2. Not gonna buy second hands 30xx series even for 100 bucks. 3. Waiting for next gen.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Pricing Reaches 3x MSRP in Europe

    Something weird is going on.
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    GIGABYTE Gives Public Apology for "Made in China" Mocking After Company Shares Plummet by $550 Million

    Funny because gigabyte is also mainly made in china, and not even the good made in china. I always had trouble with their motherboards. If you look at capacitors and other stuffs quality across all motherboards and GPU brands you'll notice that gigabyte always goes for the cheapest while...
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    New Spectre Vulnerability Version Beats All Mitigations, Performance to Badly Degrade After the Fix

    Sound like a planned strategy to force consumers into buying new hardware. As always, never trust anyone.
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    Logitech Grows 76% for Fiscal Year 2021, Q4 Revenue Doubles

    Logitech mice are the best.
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    Intel Core i7-11700KF

    Title should be : almost as crap as 11900k.
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    Boxes Marked RTX 3080 Ti 12GB Seen Heading to Distributors

    12GB? Laughs in 1080Ti's 11GB. Yup and they are the only one with a 10y warranty option. Goes to show they are sure of their quality. I only buy EVGA GPUs now.