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    NVIDIA Announces Availability of GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card - Cheapest Raytracing on October 17th

    Exactly what I'll be doing. Never buy 1st generation of some fancy new tech as by the time it's fine tuned and widely adopted the 1st gen would not have the horsepower to run it.
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    Samsung To Reduce DRAM Output Growth in Favor of Maintaining Prices, Says Bloomberg

    So basically when I picked up Corsair 2x16GB DDR4 2666 from Amazon for £200 (believe it was a labelling error) last November, that was like a last sight of an extinct animal. Unless the regulators do something or some new players join the market and stir things up, the DRAM price will never come...
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    First Intel Core i7-9700K Review Surfaces

    Wish this is true, but the reality is much worse.
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    Intel-Micron QLC NAND Yields Less Than 50%, a Prelude to Global SSD Price Hikes?

    Let's see if Sammy, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Sandisk etc. follow suits and declare poor yield as well. If not, then it's just an isolated case because of incompetence of Intel/IMFT. Otherwise we can expect an incoming price fix on SSDs.
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    Acts like this that keep consumers in the dark before they make their purchase decisions is in no way legal in Europe.
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    NVIDIA Releases First Internal Performance Benchmarks for RTX 2080 Graphics Card

    Exactly my thought. Cherry picked titles with the shiny DLSS bar on top the actual dark green bar to divert public attention... 19% higher TDP, 40 - 50% higher MSRP for an average 30% (dark green bar only) performance increase, not worth it. As far as I understand it (very basic), DLSS (a...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Pricing Founders Edition Revealed

    Wish AMD could get competitive again and shake up the graphics market just like they did for the CPUs. With those prices NV can keep the entire 20 series to themselves. I'm happy with my 1080.
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    Thinking Outside the DRM: Denuvo Sues Founder of Piracy Group "REVOLT"

    Well said. Denuvo and its partners aren't going to get a single penny from me. No matter how good the actual game is if it is bundled with Denuvo, I'll gladly skip it.
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    Graphics Card Shipments Fall On Weak Mining Demand in 2H18; Prices to Remain Hiked

    Despite the cool down for mining, the price of graphics cards is still at its all-time high because of manufacturers' greed. Well, f*ck this shit. I won't be upgrading until the price is back to how it was before the mining boom.
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    First Benchmarks, CPU-Z Screenshots of AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32-core CPU Surface

    4GHz on all 32 cores is very impressive. Yet the 250W TDP is also something that will require exotic cooling methods which average users can't afford.
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    NVIDIA Has a DisplayPort Problem Which Only a BIOS Update Can Fix

    Ran this on both my 980 and 1080. Everything went smoothly.
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    EVGA Says Goodbye to Driver DVDs

    Same here. They cost near nothing. So it doesn't hurt having one in the system when you need it.
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    Premium G-Sync, HDR Monitors from ASUS, ACER Reportedly Launching in Two Weeks

    For me PWM backlight is a straight no buy. DC backlight is always preferred over 144Hz for me as I don't want to trade my pair of eyes for some mere gaming experiences.
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    EA Confirms Battlefield 5 Will Not Defect From Premium Single-Player Experiences

    Let's see ... a brand new AAA game costs £69.99 - £79.99 and you get: Multiplayer only (ie no story, no actual content, just players competing with each other) Multi-layer DRM Expensive lootboxes Over-powered expensive in-game purchased items Cheaters (e.g. PUBG) No thank you. I want my good...
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    BenQ Intros Zowie RL2755T 27-inch "Console eSports Monitor"

    Nah, it's a Sony certified official PS4 appliance for goodness sake. You gotta add another $100 to its price tag.