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    EVGA Says Goodbye to Driver DVDs

    Same here. They cost near nothing. So it doesn't hurt having one in the system when you need it.
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    Premium G-Sync, HDR Monitors from ASUS, ACER Reportedly Launching in Two Weeks

    For me PWM backlight is a straight no buy. DC backlight is always preferred over 144Hz for me as I don't want to trade my pair of eyes for some mere gaming experiences.
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    EA Confirms Battlefield 5 Will Not Defect From Premium Single-Player Experiences

    Let's see ... a brand new AAA game costs £69.99 - £79.99 and you get: Multiplayer only (ie no story, no actual content, just players competing with each other) Multi-layer DRM Expensive lootboxes Over-powered expensive in-game purchased items Cheaters (e.g. PUBG) No thank you. I want my good...
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    BenQ Intros Zowie RL2755T 27-inch "Console eSports Monitor"

    Nah, it's a Sony certified official PS4 appliance for goodness sake. You gotta add another $100 to its price tag.
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    Widespread Cheating in Multiplayer Online Games Frustrates Consumers

    The only online multiplayer FPS game I play now is the good old DoD:Source. Luckily I still have a few active servers on my list hosted by some reputable gaming sites/clans. The game is so old that most hackers have moved on. The existing cheats have mostly been caught by Valve anti-cheats...
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    Samsung Announces the 970 PRO and 970 EVO Series M.2 NVMe SSDs

    I'm more interested in QD1 4k performance also. All these QD64 figures posted are pretty much meaningless for consumers. In fact they give you unrealistic high expectations for normal daily usage.
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    Intel Optane 905P Series 3D XPoint SSDs Detailed

    I'm fine with the U2 format. It's good to keep such a power hungry SSD off the motherboard. But the price is insane.
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    Samsung, Micron, and Hynix Accused of DRAM Price Fixing

    I wish I lived in the US so I could sign up immediately. Those greedy tightasses deserve the punishment.
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    Windows 10 Lean SKU Spotted in Latest Redstone 5 Preview Build

    Exactly how much disk space can you save by eliminating the regedit.exe? 500KB is a worth saving?
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    Intel Confirms Z390 and X399 Chipsets in Official Documents

    The chart confirms Z370 is a rebadged Z270 as it is listed under 200 series chipset as KBP-H. So no support for cannonlake.
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    ID-Cooling Intros IS-60 Low Profile Top Flow CPU Cooler

    Looking at the diagrams, I doubt it would fully clear the DIMM 1 slot.
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    AMD Readies Z490 Chipset with More (and Faster) PCIe Lanes

    That's what I thought too. So now what are the exact differences between X470 and X370 then?
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    Intel Rumored to Commemorate 40th Anniversary of the 8086 with a Special Core i7 SKU?

    So you're happy that Intel sells an existing chip to you for an extra couple of hundreds of dollars by just slapping a fancy celebration logo/model number on it?
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    Intel Rumored to Commemorate 40th Anniversary of the 8086 with a Special Core i7 SKU?

    Basically a cherry picked 8700K to milk the diehard Intel fans. Zero effort for maximum profits.
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    AMD Officially Releases Specs, Cards in the OEM-Branded RX 500X Series

    So this whole "renaming" scheme is meant to mislead OEM buyers to believe they are getting new upgraded graphics cards?