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    CapFrameX Benchmarking Software Receives Official Support for Intel Core i9-12900K

    Yes, you're correct. Ultimately game developers will have the choice to optimize the P and E core allocation to their liking if they choose to do so, but this is the expected behavior of the Thread Director out of the box...
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    Steam Deck Developer Unit Benchmarks Leak, Shows 60 FPS is Doable

    So pretty much what I expected a few months ago. Now I even tend to believe that a GPD Win 3 or One XPlayer at 25-28W is on par or slightly faster than a Steam Deck at 15W (while having user replaceable SSD and external GPU support). The reason why Valve is encouraging other manufacturers to...
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    Valve Steam Deck FAQs Shed More Light on the Hot New Portable Console

    Well, not a very interesting product to me to be honest. I already have a Tiger Lake-U based GPD Win 3 handheld gaming PC, which has been upgraded with a 2TB Samsung 980 PRO SSD. It has Wi-Fi 6E and external GPU support through Thunderbolt 4. And next year I will simply buy the Alder Lake-U...
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    PS5 September Update Brings M.2 SSD Storage Expansion to Everyone

    Finally! I picked a 1TB WD Black SN850 with heatsink in anticipation of this update.
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    Sony Takes a Step Backwards with PlayStation 5, Cuts on Cooling Capacity in the new Revision

    Happy I was able to get an original PS5 disc Edition model. However it's almost been a year and the NVMe expansion slot is still not enabled for every users.
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    CPU-Z 1.97 Brings Support for Alder Lake CPUs, DDR5, and XMP 3.0

    Do we know at this point in time how the Windows 11 task manager exposes the cores of the hybrid Lakefield chip (Core i5-L16G7) ???
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    Intel Core i9-12900K Allegedly Beats AMD Ryzen 9 5950X at Cinebench R20

    And as usual AMD fanboys keep talking about the Zen 3D variant like it will be some sort of mass production. That 3D cache variant will only find its way in the Ryzen 9 series. Ryzen 7 and below won't have it. Zen 3 laptops won't have it either. Which means Core i5 and Core i7 Alder Lake will...
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    Samsung Teases PCIe 5.0 Enterprise SSD Coming Q2 2022

    Nothing beats the Intel Optane P5800X SSD when it comes to overall performance. 3rd gen Optane (Crow Pass) is on its way to be launched along side Sapphire Rapids and there a chance for the SSD variant to be PCIe 5.0 compliant (which will be most likely needed for CXL memory pooling). Intel's...
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    Last-gen Consoles from Sony, Microsoft Also Facing Stock Issues in the US

    I got my PS5 late last week and I received my GPD Win 3 (i7-1165G7 based) handheld gaming PC early this week (I replaced the stock SSD with a 2TB 980 Pro gen 4 drive). I can play the PS5 at home or carry the handheld to play my Steam library at my work place, or simply play outside. Everything I...
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    Intel Regains CPU Market Share that it lost to AMD, Latest Steam Hardware Survey

    This is the result of the 8 core Tiger Lake-H getting released last month. And let's be honest, it's a much better product than Cezanne-H. The mobile market is many times more important than the DIY space and many people are now discovering PCIe 4.0 SSDs on mobile thanks to Tiger Lake-H.
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    Intel Books Two 3 nm Processor Orders at TSMC Manufacturing Facilities

    Sure, it means nothing until it means something. AMD fanboys are a bunch of hypocrites. Every time AMD claws some market share back a reddit post like this one pops up or even a TechPowerUp article FULL of AMD fanboy comments like this one...
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    Intel Books Two 3 nm Processor Orders at TSMC Manufacturing Facilities

    Another sad news for you AMD fanboys. AMD just lost market share in the latest Steam Survey. Last month I warned people in the AMD subreddit that Tiger Lake-H launch will have an impact by next month and here we are :)...
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    AMD Talks Zen 4 and RDNA 3, Promises to Offer Extremely Competitive Products

    Yeah, interesting. My eyes are on Alder Lake coming later this year.
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    Intel CEO Bob Swan to Step Down Effective February

    New Intel CEO and I have something in common...