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    pls tell me how to solder ndesolder northbridge and south bridge

    pls reply me if do know
    i remember on like page 1 you wanted it well here ya go after alot of work and frustration

    Downloaded and proved to work by others do me a favor give the server something to do ;)
    k, thanks. I got some replies about the mods and whatnot in a thread I made so that's fine, but Panchoman has got me worried about condensation. Did you have any troubles with condensation or anything when you used it? Should I use di-electric grease and all that?
    LOL. I'll leave you some heat today. I've got a real mess with a Vista to XP downgrade on an HP computer, so I've been busy trying to fix that. As far as the Eliminator goes. I really never got around to trying any of the mods with the Eliminator, nor did I try to turn it.
    I left you some heat for the coolit eliminator last week, but never got any back :ohwell:
    anyway, does it matter which way the unit's turned? ie: will the pump still work ok if I rotate the unit so the panel isn't blocking everything from view? also, I haven't tried, but it looks like the 120mm fan plus adapter might not fit; did you try it before you sent it out?
    Yes I did PM that guy on Overclock.net about the E8600, on saturday, haven't heard back from him yet.
    get a pm from nicepun?
    also I noticed you looking at the 9800, I can give it to you cheaper if you're interested
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