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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.6.2

    Does anyone else have the bug with this version that the secondary monitor goes to sleep on windows startup? After powering the monitor down and back up again it works fine. My main monitor is connected through DVI and the secondary monitor through DP, on a HD7970.
  2. Phobia9651

    id Software Readies Quake Champions with Vulkan Support and Ryzen Optimization

    I fail to see how Quake and Overwatch relate to one another. You make it sound like Overwatch revived the shooter genre as if CS, BF and CoD aren't a thing for years now.
  3. Phobia9651

    Invading Subscriber Privacy - Senate Says ISPs Can Now Sell Your Data

    I am baffled by all the naive people in this thread. Knowledge is power, whether you think you have nothing to hide or not. The more corporations know about you the more they can control and manipulate you (and no I am not paranoid). Governments can be hold accountable by the people whereas...
  4. Phobia9651

    Editorial On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    I cannot help but notice how easily labels are tossed around and then simply everything someone says becomes "invalid" purely based on aforementioned label. The polarization is real and it saddens me deeply. The trick is to not take sides, the world isn't black & white you know.
  5. Phobia9651

    AMD Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

    Narcissism and snowflakery are completely different topic than equality and inclusiveness. In my opinion inclusiveness should prevent segregation. The whole point of equality is to highlight that everyone is special while at the same time noone is special.
  6. Phobia9651

    AMD Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

    I'm heterosexual, white, male, catholic, western-european. Honestly, I do not get why so many that fall in that some demographic are so enraged by news like this. Equality and inclusiveness are things that should be natural in the first place. All it takes is the insight to look past our...
  7. Phobia9651

    iBuyPower Announces the Slate Gaming Desktop

    When did they start using the Thundercats logo as well? That makes 3 brands so far then, Roccat, Cougar and iBUYPOWER.
  8. Phobia9651

    Gamdias Announces Latest Line of RGB Gaming Peripherals

    Because nothing says quality more than RGB lighting :P
  9. Phobia9651

    AMD Aggressively Clearing Inventory to Make Room for ZEN

    Regardless, it is a rather big IF as it is purely based on our optimism :(
  10. Phobia9651

    AMD Aggressively Clearing Inventory to Make Room for ZEN

    That would mean that Intel and Nvidia will have 60-70% market share, thus generating more revenue and net income. Which will mean they have more money to spend on R&D, consequently their market share is likely to increase again. That is just how capitalism works, big gets bigger and small either...
  11. Phobia9651

    AMD Aggressively Clearing Inventory to Make Room for ZEN

    I admire your optimism guys, but a quick look at the numbers would evaporate all hope :( David vs Goliath is an extreme understatement, -413 million total equity vs +61 billion total equity, 8099 employees vs 95000 employees, etc. Yes, I know you can't compare all that 1-to-1, but still..
  12. Phobia9651

    Sony Launches AMD "Polaris" Powered PlayStation 4 Pro

    Gaming on UHD for only $399, you must be dreaming, right? Same can be said about people wanting Zen and HBM2 in this console. For $399 you can only expect decent framerates on 720p to begin with. #realism
  13. Phobia9651

    Arctic Announces the Liquid Freezer 360 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

    360x140 does not line up with mounting holes eitherhow, since you are having extra width but not extra length it doesn't match with 120mm spacing nor 140mm spacing. Besides, mounting fans will also be impossible, cause neither 120mm nor 140mm fit those measurements. Best to just stay to...
  14. Phobia9651

    CORSAIR Launches Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Liquid Cooled Graphics Card

    Am I the only one that giggled a bit when I saw they used an ASUS motherboard in the demo rig eventhough they have a partnership with MSI for the hybrid GPU? :P
  15. Phobia9651

    Dream Machines DM1 Pro Mouse

    I find it somewhat hard to believe that you can get a mouse for $5 to $15 and get better performance than the high end mice that cost upwards of $60...