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    Reasons why i might not be upgrading to windows 11!

    Yes, here also for about 8 days. It runs on my singular computer efficiently and quickly. The novelty of the new appearances of the various apps wore off pretty fast. Now it's "just" an operating system, with a few little quirks that wil be ironed out hopefully soon. Hope it stays stable...
  2. plat

    Is your PC Windows 11 ready according to PC Health Check?

    At first, I couldn't find the firmware TPM in my BIOS so I jumped the gun and ordered a physical chip from Newegg. It was like 16 bucks. Then after that, someone very helpfully pointed out where the TPM is in my ASUS BIOS (Advanced settings--PCH/FW) yet it never showed in any searches. Talk...
  3. plat

    Is it safe to use the WEB e-mail?

    I don't like Google per se. That wasn't exactly clear in my initial post, sorry. :peace: Phishing, smishing, and other means of attack via email are getting more sophisticated and clever, but as a general comment, it's more targeted toward Enterprise. You know this Bill_Bright, in fact...
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    Is it safe to use the WEB e-mail?

    I'll be a hypocrite when it comes to Google but I've found gmail to be pretty decent with its spam filters and image blocking. I think it's riskier in Enterprise situations, esp. when regular employees have access to emails and can open them. These are the situations that can result in...
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    How are you all coping with increasing PC hardware and tech prices around the world?

    Can't be helped, I feel very blessed to have my gtx 1080 still. No viable alternatives out there at the moment. I'm on the EVGA wait-list for several months now. My cheap Corsair keyboard is typing double letters now and then so I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking at the Glorious PC...
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    Windows Defender

    I think, within the past few years when Microsoft joined the various test organizations, you know, that signaled a willingness on its part to improve Defender to where it can (in theory, at least) compete with the top tier brands (Kaspersky, ESET, BitDefender, etc). I use it but I also bolster...
  7. plat

    How many reads/writes does your NVMe SSD('s) have

    The only drive in this system, it's been running fine for seven months now. I got the latest Samsung firmware update today, thanks to alert members in the "Getting slow NVME write speeds" thread--version 3B2QGXA7 via Magician. It definitely feels faster now but I haven't formally tested it yet.
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    How can I free up space on a 30GB laptop?

    Oh wow, sorry the machine is malfunctioning. So, this is for theory and not practice. I had a small drive one time but not THAT small. What I did was remove the Reserved portion Windows set aside for updates via the registry. I got back about 7 GB but I had way more GBs as a buffer. The...
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    Microsoft Preparing Updated Windows Store Application

    I hardly ever shop the Store, it was like shopping in Sears when it was still open and in Chapter 11--sort of there but empty of goodies. Remember when the Store's Live Tile worked in the Start Menu? Mine hasn't flipped in years. Maybe the re-do will bring back the Store live tile. That's...
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    How are you all coping with increasing PC hardware and tech prices around the world?

    Because someone is bound to snatch it up! Although, I did check Micro Center just now, and there is still one in stock for 349.99 USD. Just one. I remember the good old days when there were 10 or more in stock of the gpu of your choice. Nowadays, I have spotted a very fine layer of dust on...
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    Computer giant Acer hit by $50 million ransomware attack

    Reading this interview, it shows a glimpse of a real person behind the ransomware facade and to me, it's both fascinating and creepy as all get-out. I thought I would share this here for maybe some who haven't read it yet...
  12. plat

    How are you all coping with increasing PC hardware and tech prices around the world?

    I used to scoff (lol) at the 1030 and GT710 cards; now they're looking pretty good as I coax my somewhat aging GTX 1080 along. That's pretty much all my area Micro Center has right now--placeholders. Oh and one PowerColor Radeon RX 570 which prob. won't last the day. It's nuts.
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    Ghetto Mods

    I especially like the "Features at-a-glance" feature on the front. So cutely misleading yet genuine. :love:
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    Lung cell images show how intense a coronavirus infection can be

    Those electron micrograph photos are taken of human lung cells in a lab? I shudder to think what an actual lung looks like in someone who is struggling to survive on a ventilator. I guess we have to make the intuitive leap and say that the images would be similar, if not identical...
  15. plat

    UserBenchmark.com mini benchmark competition

    Here's my modest build. My graphics card will be replaced soon (I hope) but until then, it's performing OK at stock clocks with a slight undervolt and custom fan curve via Afterburner. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37152152