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    New laptop?

    www.affordablelaptops.com.au Something Metabox, W230st is good I have a P150em, had it for 1 1/2 years, still going strong without any issues. Owners name is Geoff, nice guy. This is the only place I recommend to people after a laptop.
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    Galaxy GTX580 Crazy Whte Lines

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has ever come across this issue before with white lines like this It happens from displaying the BIOS Logo screen (for me its the p7p55 deluxe flashed on the screen) but then doesnt happen when it is showing full text output like the Intel raid config. the card...
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    Need help on choosing my power supply unit

    AX850 will do fine. depending on how you want to spend etc a 750w would do the job very easily aswell, as long as its at least bronze. do you plan on adding anything else to the system later? eg crossfire/sli gfx cards. PS: Sabertooth X79 doesn't have an IDE slot
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    Thoughts on the Dell U2913WM

    Has anyone had any experience with these monitors. I am thinking about buying one of these as opposed to an Asus PB278Q but cant seem to find any reviews on the monitor and would appreciate some input. The Dell works out about $160 cheaper than the Asus with a voucher code Cheers :toast:
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    New build, Not sure on everything Check over please!

    Sorry, to many tabs open + refreshing
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    New build, Not sure on everything Check over please!

    The reason I am going for the 7870s is that i have looked at quite a few reviews at it seems that overclocked the hawk can perform as good or even better some times than a stock 7970 and there is at least a $150 price difference. I have one of the Sandisk SSD and haven't had any problems but...
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    New build, Not sure on everything Check over please!

    Hi guys Just wondering on thoughts for this build and possible changes, it is for a friend how is start from scratch cheers :toast: Processor: Intel 3570k $227 Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65 $179 RAM : Kingston Hyper X 16GB 2x8GB $88 Graphics: 2GB 7870 MSI Hawk $249 Graphics: 2GB 7870 MSI Hawk...
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    K90 or Deathstalker?

    my vote would go to a Leopold or Filco Tenkeyless in either reds or browns.
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    Intel and its Partners Unveil Tablet Designs and Experiences Running Windows 8

    Wondering if Asus patented their design for the transformer
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    Gaming Laptop On a Budget

    http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np6370-clevo-w370et-preorder-p-4796.html?wconfigure=yes not back lit but a very good laptop. also they have a lot of other laptops. i have one of the p150em laptop. they are closer to 1300 but come with the multi coloured backlit keyboard and are very good all...
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    Dota 2

    rage quitting and what not have always been part of dota culture. In war3 is was common for some to leave if they were first blooded. And then banlist came along :).
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    Dota 2

    You should have a look at this article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-08-16-the-story-of-dota-article
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    Dota 2

    LoL reminds me of EM back in the original DotA where you would just end up with alot of money and experience even if you were really bad. I remember watching a stream where some LoL players or something rather were commentating The International and they had 0 clue on what was taking place...
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    OCZ 120GB Agility 3 SATA III 2.5" SSD $69.99 + $5 shipping

    The over-inflated savings on these sites always amuses me
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    Sharkoon Announces Drakonia Gaming Mouse

    mx revolution?