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    Console Makers, Publishers Agree to Disclose Loot Box Odds for "Ethical Surprise Mechanics"

    Compulsive gamblers at casinos and race tracks know the odds of their bets. Doesn't stop them from being compulsive gamblers.
  2. PopcornMachine

    NVIDIA rumored to launch GeForce GTX 11 series: GTX 1160 planned

    Not expecting AMD to resolve the situation, I find myself in the disappointing position of rooting for Intel's new graphics cards. :wtf:
  3. PopcornMachine

    G.SKILL Launches Trident Z Royal Series DDR4 RGB Memory Kits

    You gotta be kidding me. These are objects of bad taste and bad priorities. Makes me lose a lot of respect for G.Skill.
  4. PopcornMachine

    TechPowerUp Survey: Over 25% Readers Game or Plan to Game at 4K Resolution

    I'm not sure it is necessary to explain a 75% to 25% poll. Anyone who know statistics know what that means. 75% of those responding currently have no interest in 4K. Don't get the need to try and spin it in the other direction.
  5. PopcornMachine

    Intel Core i9-9900K

    Another review where I am dumbfounded with the conclusion of "Editor's Choice". Leaves me wondering if the reviewer read his own review.
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    Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming Pro OC 8 GB

    Over $800 for this? I was hoping the 3rd-party offers would give more for a reasonable price. But this is nothing for more.
  7. PopcornMachine

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition 8 GB

    I must say I am pretty underwhelmed by the performance. 2080 is a hair better that the 1080ti. Not the generational leap I was looking for. And don't hold your breath that AMD will take advantage of the situation. I gave up on that a long time ago.
  8. PopcornMachine

    Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

    I have been very intrigued by this case. It looks very nice. And I prefer using 140mm fans if I can. But even though it can handle 140mm fans, other reviews I have read say there are problems using 280mm radiators. Not enough space. I think if they were to make a full ATX version, it would...
  9. PopcornMachine

    "Not So Fast": Bungie Automatically Bans Destiny 2 PC Players With Overlays

    Was really thinking about getting this game. Not going to happen now. Just amazing business decision by a game company. Just about every PC gamer uses one of these things. Afterburner? Who doesn't use that. Might as well not issue a PC game. Hopefully hurts the company bad. Real bad.
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    Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]

    Stargate fan here. Looking forward to where this goes. Thanks.
  11. PopcornMachine

    PC not starting after Applying thermal paste

    Glad things are looking up. that's great. I also think you are fine sticking with the 2600.
  12. PopcornMachine

    PC not starting after Applying thermal paste

    Probably doesn't help now, but your cpu/board reporting 98C might indicate the mobo was having issues before you decided to do anything. I don't think old paste would cause the cpu to get that hot. The problems you had might have happened anyway, even if hadn't put a little extra paste on it...
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    Alphacool Presents the Eisblock Flatboy Waterblock for Socket TR4 Systems

    Rarely do these marketing introductions give you an obvious reason not to buy the item.
  14. PopcornMachine

    Why isn't the Opera web browser more popular?

    I started using Opera over 10 years ago. It was the first browser to use tabs. But it is true that they lost innovation when they switched to the chromium. It became a stale subset of the old Opera. A couple of their former developers started up Vivaldi a few years back, and although it is...
  15. PopcornMachine

    Antec Introduces the CUBE Special Edition Gaming Chassis

    And it has 2 windows you can't see through! Oh boy!