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    How to get rid of stupid "Sign in" screen for real in Win10 ?

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    Advice on cheap system to replace old pc.

    the price is not that great considering you can buy new stuff for 500 something like this https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3557538
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    CPU Advice for a New Build

    I have both skylake and ryzen systems on my desk and I must say that AM4 is not 100% ready for general use, voltage and temperature does not work properly, so it is difficult to everclock and fan cotrol is not optimal. Startup and shutown takes really long time. Even though ryzen is exciting and...
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    Powering a 12v fan via 5v USB

    just get 100-250v to 12v adapter like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC100-240V-To-DC12V-1-2-3-5-6-8A-Power-Supply-Adapter-Transformer-LED-Strip-/ you can run as many fans as you like. also you probably have some old stuff from router or something simmilar, i have like 10 of those
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    Need help with NVMe

    I have looked at the manual, m.2 shares lines with pcie x16_3, have you tried removing the sound card? if nothing works you can get pcie x4 to m.2 adapter card - cheap stuff
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    Would a aftermarket cooler keep your room cooler or not? *poll*

    Processor uses all electricity to produce heat, so the actual temperature does not make any difference in heat production. However Semiconductors have lover resistance the hotter they get, voltage is constant, then heat=voltage squared/resistance. For example my 5970 dropped power draw by...
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    How many M.2 SSDs can I fit?

    new samsung drives have less heat issues (960 pro and evo), but the throttling is minimal, also usually you dont do much ssd writes when GPUs are at 100% load
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    How many M.2 SSDs can I fit?

    most z170 moatherboards have third pciex16 slot connected to chipset so you could use something like this to add 1 pcie SSD and 1 sata m.2 ssd if you want 2X x16 gpu and sound card any x99 board a i-7 6850K or up will work fine. but running 2 gpus on x8 speed has less than 1% performance...
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    do you need just the box or LCD and peripherials too? i3, 8gb ram, h110 board, 500w psu and gtx1070 should be possible. Not sure about CAD prices tho so I got to 1180 without case http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/j4d9Gf or this for little les http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/PRTn7h
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    Origin PC Build Advice

    I think your budget is too small to take and advantage from origin PC customisations, because like this you are paying lot of money for average PC with wonderful case
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    Origin PC Build Advice

    Orientation: Standard Standard Color: Red Interior Color: Black Current Special Offers: Exclusive LIRIK Promo (Details in the Learn More) The ORIGIN Difference: ORIGIN PC Millennium- The Best Gaming Experience Guaranteed Variable Mounting: Standard Case Lighting with Sentinel: Remote...
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    Raijintek Unveils its First Passive Liquid Cooler

    Pretty sure this is a joke I cant be the first one to realize
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    Help: Port Forwarding to view IP Camera (before I go insane!)

    For cloud you should not need any port forwarding. I tried this from different manufacturer and it worked but not great. If you have static public IP adress, i would suggest using it instead of the cloud Can you ping the camera when on wifi? If not use advanced IP scanner to find camera IP when...
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    Help: Port Forwarding to view IP Camera (before I go insane!)

    I do IP cams for livining, so I may offer some advice. the camera has LAN and WIFI?, you wanna use wifi? Does the camera have web interface? can u acess it on both lan and wifi? What ip is the camera using when on wifi? why are you forwarding port 3777? we usually just leave port 80 and forward...
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    Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E CPU Question

    normal haswell has hole in the black glue holding the IHS haswell-e has glue all around maybe?