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    Does Palit still make good graphics cards?

    palit cards are even faster than asus rog stric oc in my experience. I used to run 1080 ti sli. my palit card scored better on heaven uniengine bench.
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    MS wanted to buy Nintendo?

    Nintendo not profit driven? try getting refund after buying games from xbox or microsoft store, and then try refunding from nintendo... You''' see who's more profit driven.
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    FAH TPU Top 100

    do you guys think i could make a dent in the rank with my rig?
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    This place was called INTELPowerUp before?

    This place was called INTELPowerUp before?
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    My latest thing. My new 4k 144hz 1 ms 27GN950-B LG Ultragear monitor to complement my rig.
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    Post your Cinebench R23 Score

    SMT turned off. Air cooling. First time run. Edit: I know the ram is slow and messed up. I tried to fix it but this leads to instability. Any suggestion?
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    ASUS Announces Dual-Screen ROG Zephrus Duo 15 SE Gaming Laptop

    Any egpu support like the asus flow? This year I am in the market for new gaming laptop. My old one with 8750h, 64Gb ram, and rtx2080 max q felt outdated and slow already. However this year im torn between intel with thunderbolt support and amd without... (except asus flow laptop with...