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    TSMC Fabs Offline, Hit by a Virus, Production Impacts Confirmed

    Okay, who downloaded porn on the 7nm workstation?
  2. progste

    AMD EPYC Secure Encrypted Virtualization Not So Secure: Researchers

    A new "security issue" that requires administrator priviledge, already has a cool name to go with it and was released immediately to the press without alerting the manufacturer... Sounds familiar?
  3. progste

    ZOTAC MEK1 Gaming PC (GTX 1070 Ti)

    Not bas for a prebuilt system, if i could choose the parts i would get a ryzen 1700 cpu and any other hdd brand that is not seagate.
  4. progste

    Kingston Digital Announces New Canvas Series of Flash Cards

    In the last few years i have only had bad experiences with kingston external memories, low performance for high price. I am not buying them anymore unless i see benchmarks.
  5. progste

    ASUS Intros MG248QE Gaming-grade 24-inch Monitor

    A TN panel? Nowadays you can get a VA with similar specs at the same price.
  6. progste

    EA Publisher Sale on Origin and Amazon with Discounts Up to 75%

    Nope, not even at 99% discount.
  7. progste

    Colorful Working on AMD 400-series Chipset AM4 Motherboards

    Can't you guys read? This will have the new chipset.
  8. progste

    Konami Charges $10 for a Second Save Slot in Metal Gear Survive

    Good thing i haven't bought a konami game since castlevania lords of shadow 2.
  9. progste

    ID-Cooling Intros DK-03 Halo AMD Red CPU Cooler

    Not worth upgrading from wraith to this, go big or stay cheap!
  10. progste

    Compulab Launches the Airtop2 Fanless PC with a Xeon CPU & Quadro Graphics Card

    Interesting concept but i'd like to see the actual load temps.
  11. progste

    Dead Space Available for Free on Origin

    A painful reminder of good things ruined by EA
  12. progste

    SK Hynix Announces Availability of 16 Gb DDR4 Chips, up to 256 GB DIMMs

    Would be about time to see a real change in ram prices for density, can't believe 8GB cost about the same of 6 years ago when I got mine.
  13. progste

    Integral Has Done It Again, Announces World-First 512 GB MicroSD Card

    Just a few years ago 1GB was considered revolutionary!
  14. progste

    The Soul Still Burns - SOULCALIBUR VI Hits PC and Consoles in 2018

    Used to be my favorite series of fighting games but 4 and 5 dropped the ball, I hope they can go back to being good.
  15. progste

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    Bioware is already dead, there is only EA now.