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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Currently free for a limited time!! I am not a monster on steam and anniversary giveaway COH2 5th anniversary giveway on steam
  2. psyko12

    Valve's new game Artifact discussion thread

    Has anyone tried this one? Have downloaded it but haven't played it yet. But it looks nice, and has good feedback from my friends who are hooked to card games. OT: Artifact, been watching some streams on it seems ok but I not really fan of the Dota lore.
  3. psyko12

    What are you upgrading this holiday season?

    I'm trying to spot a deal for a good 27" panel g/free-sync. This goal is long over due because of some emergencies and more important monetary needs.
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    Sunset Overdrive – Windows 10 PC Launch Trailer

    I like how they made the effects for the explosions and other effects comic book like but Michael Bay-ish! It'd be more fun if it had co-op but the single player is fun enough for me :)
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Mark yer calendars on the 16th DMC (Devil May Cry) collab is coming out, and on the 22nd of November we will have Lunastra! :)
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    NVCleanstall - Clean installer for NVIDIA drivers (Alpha)

    Sub'd. I'm due for a gpu driver update as GFE is nagging about it (I use shadowplay/share). But I don't like telemetry stuff. Will test this out once I off work.
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    When you get used to hunting KT it's no more than an easy task. I've made myself a CC (status) set specifically tailored to immobilize her on area 4, this can get you to sleep, paralyze , KO and sleep or paralyze her again until them horns fall off! I based it on here. HBG ailement lock KT and...
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Nice! I was all night and day farming/hunting her when she came out, the bushi tickets came quicker than the gems and good weapons...
  9. psyko12

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Some reported it on the steams boards, and it also brough some MT Framework error message/box that crashes the game. Finally being lucky to get some kulve gems.. (the darned weapons RNG tho fff). Managed to make a set just to wreck her.. hahaha
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    [solved] Asus Strix Vega 64 8g Gaming problem

    Thanks to all that helped. It was the UPS!
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    [solved] Asus Strix Vega 64 8g Gaming problem

    Posting for a friend. Whenever the card gets loaded it emits a monotonous sound. Not coilwhine and mobo speaker. (removed to deduct where the sound was coming) Already replaced psu from evga 600 w to a Seasonic 750w. Full specs: Cpu: ryzen 5 1600 (oc to 2.7 with stock voltage) Mobo: asrock...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - mini-review

    Thank you for the mini review, been eyeing this one for a while now. I still have the 1st and ROTR on my backlog, 1st one is halfway done.
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Can't wait for Kulve, been playing with different weapons and I'm with LBG spreadshotting like a boss hahaha. Fun mobile and the landmine you plant makes it for interesting plays. Most of my augments are affinity and health (for melee, keeps you face to face with the monster with lesser...
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    ^ Do the event quest for big hr exp. Unlock level 100 quest fun fun fun!
  15. psyko12

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Currenty rocking with Gun Lance and Hunting Horn, was hooked with bow for a few weeks, now smashing heads with Jho HH and helping out the team to exhaust and stun the monsters. As for Gun lance I've settled with Jho Slapstick , Bazel Shelling , and Inf Normal bursting combo with Pink Rath...