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    Games Giveaway (open for 3 days)

    Nice list of games! Not joining but I can vouch that human fall flat is a lot of fun, especially with randoms online HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the generosity ! Good luck all! :)
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    Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Storing Your Coins

    As always very interesting article! Thanks so much for sharing information.
  3. psyko12

    Hunt: Showdown

    Very nice! Been following it eversince I saw it appear on my steam queue. Can't wait to see more of it. Too bad I missed the alpha sign up :D
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    Installing drivers, do you reboot after each one or install them all then reboot once?

    Got used to old fashioned way of rebooting after each install, but sometimes I reboot only when asked.
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    Old Nerds Club (all welcome) with poll

    34, turning 35 this year. Got introduced to computers at 8, was playing hexen and War Craft on a 486. From there my uncle guide me on building my 1st rig when I was 11, twas a p2 mmx rig and from there went up to a k6-2, then athlon x64, to a pile driver 8350 and now this zen machine. The...
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    What are you playing?

    Does playing with uefi settings to make system oc stability count? Jk:nutkick: Just some Fortnite solo and toying with FFXV ansel LOL.
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    How my friend killed his Ryzen 1700X and RAM (First time ive ever seen this)

    It was this one. From the early days. https://www.techpowerup.com/236659/latest-gigabyte-x370-k7-motherboard-bios-broken-dynamic-vcore-up-to-1-7v
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    How my friend killed his Ryzen 1700X and RAM (First time ive ever seen this)

    Not that strange :P I had a giga x370 gaming k7 w/ 1700x early adopter that it killed itself after months of normal usage, it was the early bios days f2. Shut it off overnight and coming home turning it on, the damned system won't turn on, just stuck in a cycling debug code for cpu and ram...
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    A few games giveaway

    Thanks a lot.
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    A few games giveaway

    Is owl boy still available? Thanks. :)
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    Mouse and Keyboard (I/O) not responding while,during and after Windows Installation.

    Try and see if the bios has an option for usb legacy mode, that might help.
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    Old Games vs. New Games

    Don't forget Acti/Bungie. Some new games are good and some not. I personally don't like games with too much hand holding, go here and there with markers or easy to spot clues. It looses the exploration/discovery part of the game.
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    Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Efficiency

    I can add to that, it saved me when payday was a week away and I was short on budget. It saved us with groceries and a full tank of gas. So I believe it produces something :)
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    Need help with benchmark and stability issues.

    Yeap my thoughts exactly. Best of luck and I hope all goes well.
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    Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Efficiency

    Been following the articles you put up @R-T-B , thank you for the interesting finds. These sort of things pique my interest. Especially this one. Efficiency and power cost, because here in the Philippines we have a lot of gpu miners, I was wondering how they survive with their multi gpu rigs...