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    NVIDIA Announces Preliminary Financial Results for Second Quarter Fiscal 2023, Gaming $$ Down 44%

    NVIDIA bought AMD Epyc systems with ram and SSD and then packages with their own card and sells for high prices.
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    Intel Core i5-13600K and Core i7-13700K QS CPUs Benchmarked

    According to TPU tests on efficiency, the "efficient cores" are only on par with Zen 3 cores. Unless Zen 4 cores are less efficient, and / or RaptorLake "efficient cores" are much more efficient, otherwise your theory is not correct.
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    Intel's Global CPU Market Share is on the Rise, AMD Starts the Downfall

    You have to consider semi shortage. Aggressive pricing does not mean market share gains.
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    TSMC Reports Record January Revenues

    It is remarkable that AMD's gross margin is within 5% (50% vs 55%) of Intel without the fabs. That alone shows how bad Intel's fabs are.
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    Intel Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2021 Financial Results

    It is such a bad year for Intel as it delivered the lowest growth among top 10 semi companies.
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    MediaTek Officially Launches Dimensity 9000 Flagship Chip And Announces Adoption by Global Device Makers

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    Report: Intel to Become One of the Three Largest TSMC Clients in 2023

    1. Apple 2. AMD - Xilinx 3. Intel Very surprising...
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    AMD to Steer Motherboard Partners Away from Intel WLAN, Toward MediaTek Co-branded Ones

    AMD will sell re-branded Mediatek products along with their chipset offerings.
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    Intel Core i7-12700H Beats Ryzen 9 5900HX by 47% In Leaked Cinebench Scores

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/16084/intel-tiger-lake-review-deep-dive-core-11th-gen/5 A 15W CPU can turbo up to 50W.
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    AMD Expected to See 65 Percent Growth Rate in Sales for 2021, Intel Down One Percent

    3 results out of 4 quarters have been published.
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    Intel Core i7-12800H Alder Lake-P Mobile Processors Spotted in Geekbench

    Power consumption is vital in determining the performance of a mobile processor.
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    Intel Core i5-12400F Allegedly Offers Ryzen 5 5600X Performance for 200 USD

    But real world silicon are far less density than the SRAM demonstration, for both Intel and AMD. So you could not use these figures to figure out the real transistor density for Intel and AMD CPUs.
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    Intel Core i5-12400F Allegedly Offers Ryzen 5 5600X Performance for 200 USD

    These maximum density numbers do not represent real world CPU density.
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    Intel Reports Third-Quarter 2021 Financial Results

    If you look carefully into the financial report, you will notice that Intel sold the NAND flash business to SK Hynix. It is classified as gain in equity investment but not in daily operations. Excluding this one-time charge, the net income will be ~$5.1B and the net income per share will be ~$1.26.
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    SiSoftware Compiles Early Performance Preview of the Intel Core i9-12900K

    Just because the original RKL MSRP are not competitive at all.