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    Antec P101 Silent

    Totally agree!
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    Post your CrystalDiskMark speeds

    SSD: Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB + Silicon Power A55 512GB HDD: WD Blue 500GB + WD Green 2TB + Seagate Barracuda 4TB
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    During a power outage this week I saw a strange and tiny bright light blinking under a wooden showcase. Then I realize it must be a firefly trapped in a spider web becuase it just blinked but did not move around. I took this one after energy was retored.-
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    Which is the best motherboard manufacturer to buy?

    I don't have a favorite manufacturer, I have had motherboards from various manufacturers (2 Intel, 2 MSI, 1 Asus, 1 Gigabyte, 2 Asrock), I allways try to get the best bang for buck in every purchase, and I never did RMA. Exactly! When I want to buy a mobo: First I set the price, then compare...
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    TechPowerUp and BIOSTAR Present the Gaming Ready Motherboard Giveaway

    Best of luck for everyone, B450GT3 is a very good start for an AM4 upgrade, and A10N-8800E would be a nice HTPC, thanks a lot TPU!
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    Biostar A10N-8800E

    Right, a computer of cashier at supermarket, would be a dual core + 2gb ram, and there will be no need to be more powerful than that.-
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    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    Hello good people, here my score.-
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    What is your AS SSD Benchmark score?

    Thanks a lot! and now... Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB (after 4 years of use) Silicon Power A55 512GB (after 2 month of use)
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    What is your AS SSD Benchmark score?

    i dont really know... i have never touched that settings... lol if i set to AHCI mode, it could affect HDD performance? because i also have 3 hd drives... all sata 2 ssd + 3 hdd edit: i tried switching to ahci mode and got bsod loading windows, if i must switch to achi and after that go to...
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    What is your AS SSD Benchmark score?

    Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB (after 4 years of use) Silicon Power A55 512GB (after 2 month of use)
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    PowerColor and TechPowerUp GPU-Z Giveaway: The Winners!

    Congrats to the lucky and happy winners, and enjoy your prizes!
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    rx570: 4gb vs 8gb?

    I found a review from a brazilian site with exactly these two cards. For the same game, sometimes they allocated more or less the same amount of vram, but sometimes not. However they perfrom almost the same. I don't play the latest games anyways, so I guess the powercolor rx570 4gb will be...
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    rx570: 4gb vs 8gb?

    Because I just wanted to see an opinion, I have a limit for money I can spend, and find a balance between the other two items will be difficult if choosing the 8gb version. Thanks for all answers anyway.-
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    rx570: 4gb vs 8gb?

    Hi there. I have been looking for a very nice and cheap deal for a gfx card beacuase my old gtx570 died time ago and since then I've been using a hd5830 that I had in the closed as spare part. This morning I saw at amazon the msi rx570 armor oc 8gb at 150$, but there were nothing left in the...
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    Anyone remember OCZ brand (not SSDs)?

    Almost forget it, I still have the Vendetta cooler and until nowadays it works fine. This was my first after market cooler. The anti vibration rubbers are broken because after 10 years they got dried but the fan still can be holded from the heatsink with zip ties.