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    AudioQuest Announces NightHawk Headphones

    Bio-cellulose drivers are not leather. They are used in a few of the headphones for quite some time already, Fostex TH900, Denon D1001 for example. I am not personally fond of the sound, don't think that many heard it are either.
  2. Ra97oR

    AudioQuest Announces NightHawk Headphones

    These are one of the cheaper headphones in the market already. ;) Aimed at different markets.
  3. Ra97oR

    AudioQuest Announces NightHawk Headphones

    Wasn't that announced quite a few months ago? I heard it in May-ish already. :confused:
  4. Ra97oR

    Lian Li DK-02X

    I must say, from the thumbnail, I thought TPU is reviewing a barbecue stove....
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    Pioneer Announces Two New Inner-Ear Headphones

    Was thinking of actual Hybrid system with dynamic paired with BA drivers...
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    Feenix Unveils the Aria Gaming Headset

    Not exactly a headset, as much as a headset as my pair of STAX in fact. $350 can get you pretty damn good headphones if willing to go second hand. They are walking right into the "proper headphones" territory. If one runs it with onboard soundcard, mostly likely will be sourly disappointed.
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    Sennheiser Launches the MOMENTUM Ivory Headphones

    lol... Panasonic RP HTX7 much? At least the Senny actually sounds a lot better and quite a bit more expensive.
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    A choice between 3 headphones

    Haven't got much experience with the lower end Sennys but Momentum being nearly as cheap as a pair of a HD558 is a good deal. It is normally at the HD598's (another excellent headphone but for strictly home use) price range.
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    Curious question for Audiophiles

    Dynamic range compression, EQing to counteract low frequency background noise. FM radio is mostly listened by people in cars, with low frequency background noise coming from the vehicle. It does somewhat make sense. The loudest passage and the quietest part is now about the same, so both can be...
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    *TPU's Gaming Headphone/Headset Thread*

    In addition to the DT770/80, you should also consider the Beyer Custom One Pro. Much like the DT770 but adjustable bass and a more modern design. Both are very rugged though.
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    Westone Launches the New Elite Series Earphones

    Seems to be the same thing as the old gen ES5s with new customization options and the new cable connector.
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    AKG K812 Reference Headphones - Perfect Sound Five Years In The Making

    Posted my impression over Head-Fi for those that are interested: http://www.head-fi.org/t/685339/new-akg-flagship-k812-first-impression#post_9877645
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    Denon AHD1100 headphones

    Used to own a pair of CAL! and listened to the new Denon line, I will say the D1100 isn't much of an improvement if any. You might well keep the CAL! if you are staying at this price range, ZX700 isn't bad, but it isn't as musical as the CAL! and it is no where as comfortable.
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    HiFiMAN RE-400 In-ears

    Seems like second coming of RE-0. Interested to give it a go some day.
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card

    I do that with my STAX and Essence ST without any "enhancement". Really depends on the headphone end for positioning.