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    My First AMD Build

    MP510 or S11 Pro. AFAIK S11 Pro and 8200 Pro are identical, but S11 Pro comes with 5 year warranty while that store offers only 3 yrs on 8200pro.
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    3DMark Introduces Variable Rate Shading Benchmark

    On a related note... Nvidia Adaptive Shading in Wolfenstein:Youngblood https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/nvidia-adaptive-shading-a-deep-dive/
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    Custom Radeon RX 5700-series Only by Mid-August: AMD

    No. If sapphire or xfx not gonna do AMD stuff what are they gonna do? Quit blaming AIBs, this is all on AMD and their execution. It's the same every launch. Same with broken drivers or other random issues almost every time.
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    Has Radeon VII caught up with RTX 2080?

    On average RTX2080 is 10% faster @4K, they are not equal. In fact Radeon is only noticeably faster (10+%) in 1 title out of 38, while RTX got 18 of those. Basically R7 is even worse at 4K, which goes against popular narrative that massive BW and large memory buffer will help it beat the RTX2080.
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    AMD Announces 50th Anniversary Commemorative Ryzen and Radeon Products

    Man that's one ugly card
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    Editorial Revised NVIDIA Reviewers NDA Raises Eyebrows: Our Thoughts

    Seems like Gamersnexus got a lawyer to clarify some things. Hopefully i'm allowed to post their content here?
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    Spire Introduces Ergonomic Single and Dual Monitor Arms

    Up to 30" // 6kg Specs Could have been priced better for sure..
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    NVIDIA Bracing for a Cryptocurrency Demand Drop

    7 optimized RX580s get that hash rate at similar power consumption levels. Sure, ASIC is easier to setup and maybe cheaper at first, but if mining goes south it will become worthless, unlike GPUs. I'd be on a lookout for a Baikal Giant N, a Cyptonight ASIC that hashes the same as 10 optimized RX...
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    Here Be AMD RX Vega Model's Codenames: Vega XTX, Vega XT, Vega XL

    IT consumes 255W in Tom's review as well, 340W is for overclocked card. Maybe an idea for TPU, start including card's power consumption at max OC in your reviews?
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    New Performance Benchmarks of AMD's Vega Frontier Edition Surface

    Where did you read that? RTG dude at B3D mentioned it uses "older" driver. He didn't say anything about the features missing, he even dismissed the insinuation that the FE driver may be gimped in some way compared to RX driver. Next driver revision should be pretty telling i guess..
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    AMD Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition TDP and Pricing Revealed

    Where do you see a six pin tho? Both cards seem to have 2x8pin according to those pictures. There was a a 6+8 pin card that Raja had during some presentation but afaik he said it was only eng. sample and the production cards will have 2x8pin.
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    EKWB Fluid Gaming 240G Kit

    It's 250eur incl. 22% Slovenian VAT + 5 eur shipping (to Croatia at least). You are seeing the price without the VAT because Macedonia is not in EU, so i guess you will be charged the Macedonian VAT + other fees when you try to import it.
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    AMD Works on At Least Three Radeon RX Vega SKUs, Slowest Faster than GTX 1070?

    Isn't that the same SKU with 3 different board revisions, C1 being the earliest? 9000 something score is probably a fake as there is no evidence of it in 3dmark result database.
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    NVIDIA to Steal AMD's Ryzen Limelight on Feb 28

    Well, if there is any truth to this....in my opinion, nvidia are not trying to steal anything from AMD, they are actually trying to use the hype around Ryzen to promote their card. What they might be thinking is this... look, AMD is launching a new CPU which appears to be a good performer so...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI

    Well, i thought nvidia (Petersen?) said the point of HB bridge is to improve frametimes i.e. provide additional smoothness to an SLI setup. Also, there seems to be some CPU bottlenecking in FO4 and WoW, maybe even in Hitman as well since the FPS is pretty much the same 900p-4K.