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    [Case Gallery] Antec 900 First Mod

    Nice work man. You tricked me into thinking you had two 5970's in there. Maybe you can unstretch the pictures later :) 8/10 nice work!
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    Thermaltake Launches Jing Silent CPU Cooler

    Interesting..Cant wait for some reviews, just to see whats what.
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    Gigabyte Intros HD 5770 Silent Cell Graphics Card

    From owning a previous silent pipe card, I can tell you its a great possibility.
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    OWC Announces the Most Affordable SandForce-Driven SSD, 40 GB Mercury Pro Under $100

    This is pretty good news for people on a budget.
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    Windowed Mode TPU Advertisement problem

    Cool, just making sure its normal and everyones happy about, consider this thread closed
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    Windowed Mode TPU Advertisement problem

    When you run a windowed web browser and go on TPU, the banner goes over the TPU logo, I think it should be the other way round.
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Joined Just then :toast:
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    Scythe Announces the Rasetsu Performance CPU Cooler

    Whats so bad about that? The only thing I dont really like is the expansion slot fan controller
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    Xigmatek Balder modification idea, opinions?

    I heard some high end coolers actually have a gas in the heat pipes, thats something you should consider too.
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    Memory Timings?

    Higher isnt faster in this case mate, those numbers are latencies right everyone? The lower the "faster"
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    Razer Readies BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

    I thought TVS only made good motorbikes :)
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    New Razer keyboard due for release?

    Hey, Im sorry if this counts as "news" but I've heard that there is a new keyboard coming out from razer called the Black widow, this has to be true because when u search it up on google, it comes with a link to razers website, they took the page down though. Apparently its mechanical as...
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    Eurocom Breaks the 3TB Barrier in its Notebooks with Seagate Momentus 7200rpm HDDs

    A "laptop" with many hard drives would definately work imo, just with normal mobile hardware....
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    Roccat Intros Kone[+] Gaming Mouse with 6000 dpi Sensor

    I do feel sorry for you guys. 6000dpi is just something to market about imo.