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    Realtek DCH Modded Audio Driver for Windows 10/11 - Including Realtek USB Audio Devices

    Hello everyone, I have some kind of problem I can't make my back panel recognize my audio device as headphone , it's always "front speaker out" and thus the volume is relatively low in my headphones on the other hand I don't want to plug my headphone into the front jack. My MB is Z690 Tomahawk...
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    Thermaltake is Now Ready for the New 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

    There is no cooler is "Ready" for 13th Gen.
  3. raptori

    Intel Core i5-13600K

    +1 here, can we get answer for this ?
  4. raptori

    The Ultimate Realtek HD Audio Driver Mod for Windows 10

    Hello I had a problem with my sound card ( low volume after windows 10 update ), my MB is Sabertooth x79 and I fixed the problem by installing a modded driver from ASUS forums. Now my brother have the same problem but with different MB : (Msi z590 A pro) it came with Realtek®ALC897 Codec, I...
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    Palit GeForce RTX 3050 StormX OC

    "Palit's card is a highly compact dual-fan, dual-slot design that will fit into a lot of smaller ITX cases." Thanks for the amazing review ,I just want to refer for this minor error , obviously a single fan.
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    Lian Li Launches Galahad AIO UNI FAN SL Edition

    Overpriced mediocre cooler , actually the whole brand products are overpriced.
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    Voicemeeter hardware alternative

    Apparently SteelSeries GameDac and Astro MIXAMP PRO does exactly what I want but way above my budget , at least such concept exist now I should dig deeper to find cheap alternatives . EDIT : after more searching https://en.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-g3 is a good option. But I'm...
  8. raptori

    Voicemeeter hardware alternative

    Hello everyone , I'm searching for such concept as in the title , I want to record gameplay without the sound from discord chat but I don't want the VB-cable and voice meter solution , I want a low budget hardware solution something like...
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC

  10. raptori

    Gigabyte Announces the AORUS WaterForce X Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    Yes it's a disaster, they use two programs running at the same time in order for info monitor to function and look properly which doesn't usually do so .
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    Sony Confirms It's Selling PS5 Consoles Below Manufacturing Cost, Ships 4.5 Million Units

    INB4 "Sorry we have to rise the prices just like every other tech company these days" ...
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    BIOSTAR Announces the Intel H510 Series Motherboards

    isn't worth a piece of aluminum HS ?
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    MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Suprim X

    @ $900 it should be "Highly NOT recommended " !
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    NVIDIA GeForce 456.38 WHQL Released: Ampere Support, SLI Finally Dead

    Does Geforce Experience still require log-in ? I remember that Nvidia said they'll introduce an overhaul to Geforce Experience that'll let the user use it without log-in along with the release of Ampere ...