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    Alan Wake II System Requirements Released, Steep RT Requirements Due to Path Tracing

    Alan Wake 2 : Buy it after 2 years edition.
  2. raptori

    NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction

    In Image Quality Comparison Ray Reconstruction specifically destroyed the marble grain texture in 3rd and 5th picture, yet in the 1st picture the RR define the concrete floor texture more than native !
  3. raptori

    Starfield discussion thread

    Are these events being generated randomly ? can you find the ships if you go to the same locations ? and wait there for some time cause those ships actually arrived when I was playing not just sit there ..
  4. raptori

    MSI BIOS Update Fixes Error Message on Intel 700 and 600 Series Motherboards

    Do you think Z690 Tomahawk isn't included in the list because it's not affected by this issue or not supported by the FIX ?!
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    Starfield discussion thread

    RTX 3080Ti - 1440p - DLSS MOD - Quality preset - Recommended settings.
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    Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Ultra W Duo OC

    Triple-slot, Weaker cooler than on Founders Edition, Louder than FE, all of this on 8GB 4060Ti and they have the audacity to name it "Ultra W" ... ultra weak. Thanks for the review W1zzard.
  7. raptori

    HyperX Announces Exclusive Collaboration with Team Liquid for Custom "Blue" Mascot Keycap

    Two companies collab to make a keycap ?! wait it's blue keycap that's why they need two companies :wtf: .. and the price is $20 for a single keycap.
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    Addlink S91 2 TB

    I liked the idea of this Award :
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is Still the Most Popular GPU in the Steam Hardware Survey

    Only if game developers take these Surveys into consideration and optimize the games more.
  10. raptori

    DeepCool Shows Off the Mammoth LT820 AIO CPU Cooler with 3x 140mm Radiator, and LS720 SE Digital

    Do you know what's the thickness of the radiator ?
  11. raptori

    LIAN LI Launches First Performance-Focused UNI FAN with the P28

    No love for 140mm.
  12. raptori

    No undervolt option in MSI Afterburner for 2070 Super

    Ctrl + F in afterburner to open V/F curve editor Use SHIFT to highlight the range of points after the desired point move the highlighted point below the target point then press APPLY Use ALT to move up the whole curve to the desired clock then press APPLY Choose the voltage you want to run at...
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    Is this the limits of my 13700K Silicon Lottery ?

    I did run Cinebench R23 for hours per few days, no errors , no crashes and no (WHEA) errors. Daily video encoding using CPU also without problems, the Cinebench put more stress on CPU than my normal all core workload , sometimes you can stress test all you want and the PC will look like it's...
  14. raptori

    Is this the limits of my 13700K Silicon Lottery ?

    Hello everyone, I have z690 Tomahawk DDR5 ,13700K, arctic liquid freezer ii 420 , case is LANCOOL 3 with 3x140 in and 3x140 out ( rad fans ). I was happy with thermals (~80c) using Adaptive + offset ( - ) value of 0.09v that resulted in 5.3Ghz all P core while 100% loaded using Cinebench R23 ...
  15. raptori

    Core i9 12900K Insta 100 degrees in Stress test

    Can you take pictures for your case from different angles so we can see your case airflow ?