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    AMD FSR Supporting 7 Games at Launch, 12 More Games to be Added in the Near Future

    Baldur's gate III gets the FSR nice. Like the game. Considering how badly optimized it is, I'm surprised it's made to the future FSR game support list. Aside that a great game though.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Returns to PlayStation Store on June 21st

    I wonder if they have made some alterations or fixes for the PS4 and Pro versions.
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    Your PC ATM

    Before I sit in front of a computer, I always have eyes moisturizer :D It really does the trick :D one drop for each eye and I'm golden for few hours :D
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    FPS behavior on Adaptive Sync monitor

    To be fair with you, I sometimes need to switch the Adaptive and enhanced sync in my driver and let the app use whatever option it has. Otherwise I have stutters just like you. That is why I'm asking about the Vsync in the game menu. For some reason this is the only option in certain games to...
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    FPS behavior on Adaptive Sync monitor

    What if you use the Sync option in the game? Do you have the same behavior? Does your monitor have the Adaptive sync switched on in the menu?
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    27'' QHD 75hz or FHD 144hz for a RTX2060?

    If you are happy with your current monitor, don't buy anything and wait. If your budget is 250eur, why not purchasing 1440p 144hz. They do not cost that much though but if you can wait, You would get a better 1440p 144Hz monitor. They are getting cheaper you know. Maybe you can wait a bit and...
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    OFFICIAL Cyberpunk 2077 Game Discussion

    Not sure what lies, dishonesty, scams you have in mind? The game is really cool. Yes, it had bugs (a lot of them), Yes it was unstable but most of them were fixed and there is no other game with a world that complex. CP2077 has delivered a very nice gameplay and I really enjoy playing it. Yes it...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6600M Tested, Compared with GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU

    It still kinda loses to the 3060. AMD have made the 6600m more 3060 alike in performance. I know it's not a huge difference basically not much of a difference but still. price will be the key selling point here.
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    AMD Files Patent for its Own x86 Hybrid big.LITTLE Processor

    I wonder why AMD wants to make the big little architecture a thing. They have a noticeable advantage in efficiency. From the graphs it looks like the big and small core are separated and connected via fabric. So different chiplets? I suppose so.
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    Tachyum Receives Prodigy FPGA DDR-IO Motherboard to Create Full System Emulation

    Exactly so why would Intel lawsuit the Prodigy if this is not x86 architecture? At least it doesn't say it is.
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    Tachyum Receives Prodigy FPGA DDR-IO Motherboard to Create Full System Emulation

    Isn't Intel holding the x86 architecture only? This is emulation on a software level. It's like companies with x86 architecture would emulate android and get lawsuits for it.
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    Choosing Video Card for Intel I7 6700K

    1660 super is better than a 480xt but if you want to see some meaningful difference, I would go 1070 at least. 1070 should work just fine with your system. Maybe even 1070Ti.
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    Choosing Video Card for Intel I7 6700K

    No matter what graphics you buy it will work. What @Mussels says is, it's not worth to spend a lot for graphics if your CPU can't keep up with it meaning, You buy 3080 and it turns out, that the games are not running faster than if you had purchased a 2070 for instance. You spend a lot of cash...
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    Choosing Video Card for Intel I7 6700K

    Actually, Vega 56 is faster than a 1660 Super for quite a bit but I'm not so sure if your 6700K can push to the limit. It should be OK I think.
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    Choosing Video Card for Intel I7 6700K

    1070Ti is a good match for the 6700K