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    DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L Series Full-Modular PSUs Pictured

    Probably the same CWT GPU as before. Because I see no difference from the models under the same name which have been around since 2018 at the very least :D
  2. Raven Rampkin

    UniIC Delivers China's First 100% Homebrew DDR4 Memory Modules

    Are these newly developed? They already had some http://www.unisemicon.com/en/mozu.asp?pro_bigid=2&pro_smallid=6#Menu=ChildMenu1 based off Hynix JJR :D (you can check the datasheets for that) EDIT: well the source at Tom's does say the 2666 modules are still Hynix...
  3. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Ryzen 3 3100 Hits 4.50 GHz All-core OC

    darn, and I thought no Zen(1/+/2) can go above ~4.3 all-core below/at safe voltages... well the comments have proved otherwise already
  4. Raven Rampkin

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements Listed, Ideal Specification Requires 150 GB of Drive Space and RTX 2080 GPU

    Ryzen 7 PRO... Blunder, the only SKU they had at hand to test, or is there something M$ and/or AMD haven't told us? :confused:
  5. Raven Rampkin

    Sharkoon Announces TG5 Pro RGB Revision with Improved Illumination

    Out of several case mfrs who share the same designs (and probably OEMs), Sharkoon has the nicest renders... but boy I wonder what's behind the CG eyecandy :D I mean, similar designations are available under the brand Modecom locally and they're... really budget, for the most part. If it's on the...
  6. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Announces 3rd Gen Ryzen 3 Quad-Core Desktop Processors and AMD B550 PCIe 4.0 Chipset

    I don't think Zen2 can do 5 on air anyhow, in any iteration and CCX config... could be wrong though
  7. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Updates Ryzen 3 1200 CPU with Zen+ Architecture

    Toldyaso :P both AFs are Zen+ parts so they should need a microcode update! (With a BIOS.) Technically, to what the original Zen+ lineup required. (I'd assume the 1200 AF repeats the 2300X here, and the 1600 AF the 2600.) Factually... again, Asrock says, on my board, you need the latest...
  8. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Announces 3rd Gen Ryzen 3 Quad-Core Desktop Processors and AMD B550 PCIe 4.0 Chipset

    A $50 4/4 that can likely go a wee bit above 4Ghz, and now a $100 4/8 Ryzen 3, Zen2 mind you... yawn or not, it's a lot for the money.
  9. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Updates Ryzen 3 1200 CPU with Zen+ Architecture

    No rubber duckies given what others think. In cost-conscious markets (read former Bloc), this will be a banger. Like the 1600 AF. 4+ GHz on a budget here we go. This also breaks the theory (some people had) that consumer Zen AF parts were only made possible by the sustained demand for PRO series...
  10. Raven Rampkin

    Cougar Unveils GX-F Aurum Full-Modular Power Supplies

    At best as a logo (my opinion). It's just a Latin name. Haven't heard of collisions between Seasonic and FD on the topic of the word "Focus" - it'd be too silly, wouldn't it. As for legends, while not as well-regarded back in the day, HEC/Compucase isn't a younger player than FSP. (Neither is...
  11. Raven Rampkin

    3600mhz ram running at 3200mhz but bios says its running 3600mhz XMP (ASUS z390 gaming-f)

    Just an imho not backed up by too much experience with Intel, but shouldn't sticks "made for AMD" work just as fine if not better on Intel? I mean, afaik the whole point, back when this marketing thing started, was to separate ICs which held up to high-freq. XMP profiles on Ryzen from those that...
  12. Raven Rampkin

    KIOXIA Corporation Announces Launch of New Brand Consumer Product Portfolio

    R.I.P. Toshiba, you never were a Turdshiba in my eyes :cry:
  13. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Ryzen 4000 Series "Vermeer" CPUs to be Compatible with B450 Motherboards

    Correction: -$125 for a motherboard. :p Cheaper non-Strix non-Aorus Ultra Tomahawk Pro RGB Extreme Hero boards have lower resale value. Paid 100 euros for an AB350 Pro4 when it was relevant, can't expect to sell it for more than 30-35 now to be honest, and even then, are there really too many...
  14. Raven Rampkin

    SilentiumPC Vero L3 and M3 Bronze DC-DC Power Supplies Now Available

    50 euros in Poland for the 600-watter, already, and coming soon to our LTU stores. The first review was okay from what I saw. Hopefully it won't be a literal banger (but figurative... well I'd be happy if it were) because the previous lineup, starting with the L2, has consistently been the...
  15. Raven Rampkin

    Pichau Gaming Nidus 500 W

    M-may I chime in pls? Electronics in Lithuania. Well we're not Brazil, by a streeeeetch, and I've witnessed that Russia&CIS often have it even worse. But still. Forget about 10/12 years of Seasonic's pampering. No sir. 36 mo tops. If not 24. The remainder will have to be done thru their RMA...