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    USB-IF Rebrands USB 3.0 and 3.1 With New USB 3.2 20Gbps Standard

    That would be the sensible thing to do.
  2. Ravenmaster

    NVIDIA Adds New Options to Its MX200 Mobile Graphics Solutions - MX250 and MX230

    I wouldn't refer to underpowered graphics as a 'solution.'
  3. Ravenmaster

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Sold 23 Million Copies In Three Months... Without Help from PC

    Probably would have sold 35 million copies with the help of a PC version. Just saying...
  4. Ravenmaster

    Metro Exodus Developer Discusses Boycott of the PC Platform for Sequels over Steam Review Bombing

    Well this is a good lesson. "How to not sell any copies of your game." Good job Metro devs!
  5. Ravenmaster

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    Yeah hopefully he'll shit can Artifact after its lackluster following and finally make Half Life 3 (the game pretty much every man, woman and dog wanted to be announced at TI7 but wasn't).
  6. Ravenmaster

    LG 32UL750-W is a 32-inch 4K Monitor with DisplayHDR 600 and USB-C

    Then 'most gamers' haven't tried going to a 120hz+ monitor and back down to a 60hz one. The difference feels like night and day. Characters in fps games turn slower and things generally feel laggier @ 60hz.
  7. Ravenmaster

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    Valve are getting exactly what they deserve here for being greedy with fees.
  8. Ravenmaster

    LG 32UL750-W is a 32-inch 4K Monitor with DisplayHDR 600 and USB-C

    Don't know why anybody would pay that for a 60hz monitor. Even a 4K one...
  9. Ravenmaster

    EVGA Launches The Z390 DARK Motherboard, Built to Deliver The Ultimate in Performance

    I find it hard to see how this motherboard is better than the X299 Dark. It has less lanes and less RAM slots. Sure a USB-C header is nice but other than that its sub-par compared to the X299
  10. Ravenmaster

    Sennheiser's AMBEO Soundbar will be available from May

    LMAO! 2000 bucks and doesn't include a Subwoofer. That's a nope from me.
  11. Ravenmaster

    Colorful Launches GeForce RTX 2080 Ti RNG Edition Featuring Full-Color LCD

    Well i guess Colorful are gonna have to fire their marketing team. Gamers hate RNG. That name is gonna make them wanna buy every other brand BUT theirs..
  12. Ravenmaster

    Could Microsoft and Steam be Looking Into Enabling Crossplay Between Services?

    The more cross-play the better. Gamers unite!
  13. Ravenmaster

    NVIDIA's Stock Has Been Plunging Since October; Softbank Reported to be Looking for a Way Out

    Well, this is what you get for screwing over your customers and your board partners. The performance gains from GTX 1080Ti to the RTX 2080 were almost non-existent. Yet they sold the RTX 2080 at a higher price than the GTX 1080Ti. As for the RTX 2080Ti, high failure rates + a massive price gouge...
  14. Ravenmaster

    Battlefield V with RTX Initial Tests: Performance Halved

    Indirectly it is. If AMD did have a faster card than the RTX 2080 and another one that could beat the RTX 2080Ti then nvidia would be forced to sell cheaper. I don't know why you can't grasp that. Nvidia is price gouging because they have no competition.
  15. Ravenmaster

    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2019

    All because AMD can't compete... sad times. The price gouging saga continues.