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  1. Recoba

    Core i7 965 XE Races Through to 4.20 GHz

    because of NDA so i cant say too much but my i965 con run 4400mhz with 1.5v with LN2, bench 3D vantage. hope i can do better
  2. Recoba

    Intel Nehalem Turbo-charges Radeon HD4850 Benchmark

    Better than my system: Q6600@3.6Ghz & ASUS EAH4850 score P7079 in Vantage. But why they run dual Channel ?
  3. Recoba

    PCI Express 2.0 backwards Comp!

    This is fake, look at the CPU score u will know. 3Dmark Score will be 15xxx if all of the score are right Lie:banghead::banghead::banghead:
  4. Recoba

    Apacer Launches Aeolus DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1800MHz Dual Channel Kits

    i really hate 2 bullsh!t Apacer 1800. First df 7-7-7-20 1800Mhz 1.9v but thay cannot pass Super PI 8MB unless i set 2v second XMP really don't run at 10-10-10-60 2000Mhz 2.1, it gave me BLOD:mad::banghead: very difficult to train
  5. Recoba

    no benifit to DDR3 over DDR2?

    As an OCer, DDR3 really a better choice than DDR2. I used APACER DDR3 PC14400. these things have a good range 4 me to OC FSB :rolleyes:
  6. Recoba

    Which 790i board would be best?

    Striker II Ex have fusion but i didn't use WC for it:cool: I used WC for my CPU:p
  7. Recoba

    Which 790i board would be best?

    i can't buy eVGA in vietnam but i know almost WRs using Asus Motherboard. May be eVGA make VGA better than ASUS but motherbard ASUS still the best
  8. Recoba

    Which 790i board would be best?

    Striker II Extreme, I used this board. really love it. I could run Q6600@3.6ghz stable with WC but when 3-way SLI, it perform PCI-ex 16x not 16x 2.0
  9. Recoba

    Firefox Released

    I gave up FF2. Now I'm using ff3b4. It still crash but faster than ff2
  10. Recoba

    3DMark05 with SLI 8800GTX

    hi everybody, i'm from OCC (Viet Nam OC Club) and forum.amtech.vn, amazeTESTLAB There're 2 results we try with Zotac SLI 8800GTX. * CPU Core 2 Extreme QX9650 @ 5244MHz (LN2 Cooling) Thanks Mr An - Intel Vietnam * Mainboard ASUS Striker II Formula - BIOS 0902 Thanks ASUS Vietnam *...