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    Discovery Tour Update Turns Assassin's Creed Origins Into an Interactive Museum

    This almost interests me more than the game itself. I was always fascinated by Egypt and its mythology.
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    Decent free antivirus that's just an antivirus?

    ClamWin is a thing of the past. It doesn't have heuristics, advanced emulator, behavior blocker, cloud, nothing. It's literally 1990's technology. Would you really trust it to protect you? I don't know... :/
  3. RejZoR

    HyperX Ships 4 Million Headsets, Global Leader in Esports

    Interesting. When I was looking for headset few years ago it was incredibly hard to find one that is just simple stereo with 3,5mm jack. Everything was 7.1 abominations with USB ports costing a fortune whch is why I ended up with Logitech G230 which were basically the only option. So annoying...
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    Intel "Coffee Lake" Based Pentium Gold Processors Begin Selling

    But is that REALLY actually useful? It's too fiddly information to be useful for broader consumption that could be designated with pretty much anything else. Like "B" for BIG and "L" for "LOW POWER" attached to the existing models. Or something.
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    Intel "Coffee Lake" Based Pentium Gold Processors Begin Selling

    These "medal" designations are so stupid. If they had 4 models only and ranged them from Bronze to Platinum, it would make sense. But just tossing them around a bit here and a bit there is silly as it doesn't help anything.
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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    I'm quite ok with 2TB SSD that I have.
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    Lucasfilm Rumored to Ditch EA for a New Game Publisher

    Ubisoft is about as bad option as EA. Activision is probably the best option, even though they have shit policies and pricings.
  8. RejZoR

    Intel Unveils Discrete GPU Prototype Development

    It would be cool if we got 3rd GPU player on graphics market.
  9. RejZoR

    Kickstart and Burn: System Shock Remaster Put on Hold After Collecting $1.3M

    I'm not surprised. During process they realized that just remaking it will not be enough. System Shock 1 was ahead of its time back then, but for today's standards, it's a bit archaic quite frankly.
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    CD Projekt Red Opens Up Regarding Loot Box Integration in Games

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Warhorse Studios) follows same philosophy. Full game, no lootbox nonsense, DLC's and even no DRM (GOG release is planned for end of February 2018). Gotta respect that.
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    Amazon dramatic fluctuating prices in short timeframes

    I thought about that, but it happened on same computer too.
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    Nasa Going Nuclear

    Artificial gravity already exists. It's called (spin) centrifugal force. It's how you create gravity in zero G environment.
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    AMD has it around when RX Vega launched. So it's relatively new thing for them. NVIDIA had Fast V-Sync for a year or two longer, Adaptive V-Sync for even longer. But yeah, it's nice to see both having this feature now.
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    Enhanced V-Sync is AMD's version of eliminating image tearing without causing framerate halving like with standard V-Sync. It's similar to Adaptive/Fast V-Sync on NVIDIA cards. These are all modes that you force in graphics card control panel and you keep V-Sync OFF in the game. Been using this...
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    Windows 10 UWP Protection Kicks the Bucket

    Who even buys UWP games anyway? I mean, who would willingly go to Starbucks and order some ebola coz it tastes to good? Coz that's about the same as buying an UWP game... Funny how you never hear any news about X warez group cracking GOG games. I wonder what's GOG's magic sauce no one can crack...