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    Western Digital Shuts Down Hard Drive Factory - Just not Enough Demand

    QinX: Even NAS and other traditionally HDD-centric enterprise applications are rapidly moving to flash storage instead. Most every provider of NAS-storage devices has embraced this changeover and is pushing the bulk of their resources over to flash storage.
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    Intel Scores Another Top AMD Exec - Chris Hook Confirmed to Join Company

    Didn't any of these people have "non-compete" clauses in their employment agreements with AMD?
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    Help me pick quality 140mm case fans

    If you have the clearance and the radiator has the holes or mounting clips, you might consider using the now "spare" 120mm on the other side of your radiator to create a "push/pull" air flow through the radiator. May not be quieter, but might enhance cooling enough that they can run at lower rpms.
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    Cougar Panzer Max

    "i have the case and trust me : it's all but a cheap crap ;)" Wow, your disappointment needs to be tempered by maybe lowering your expectations a tad. It is a $139 case, not a $300 Corsair or Silverstone case. I have reviewed quite a few cases over the years, including a number from Cougar...
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    Editorial On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    Oh, rly? As has been proven NUMEROUS times that the "unemployment rate" has nothing whatsoever to do with what percentage of people who lost their jobs have been re-employed again, it is merely a measure of how many are collecting unemployment benefits. Does not take into the consideration...
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    Editorial On Intel and Their $7B White House Affair

    One inconvenient truth is that Obama did much to wreck the US economy and jobs market. Much of what the new administration is doing is much needed "damage control" and/or "damage mitigation" to try and get the US and its economy and jobs market back on track. Intel's decision to suspend...
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    Micron Breaks Ground on Expansion of Singapore NAND Flash Fab

    This story is from March 3 of 2015: http://investors.micron.com/releasedetail.cfm?releaseid=899392
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    OCZ Announces Z-Drive 6000 NVMe SSD

    Wasn't this already announced back in September of 2014?
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    TechPowerUp and NZXT Announce Facebook Giveaway

    personal problem Thanked 4 Times in 1 Post (for original post on this topic). Yep, it is a personal problem that is supported by a number of others. Forgive me! I forgot that FB users are superior to non-FB users in every conceivable way. I'll crawl back under my rock now. :wtf:
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    TechPowerUp and NZXT Announce Facebook Giveaway

    the whole point is discrimination The whole point is that you are creating the perception (whether intentional or not) that you are discriminating against non-FB users by not allowing non-FB users to participate. I love TPU regardless, too, but c'mon already! Give EVERYONE an equal chance! Is...
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    TechPowerUp and NZXT Announce Facebook Giveaway

    what about the non-facebook readers? I sure do get tired of these facebook-only contests. This is actually illegal in many states in the US as an alternative method of entry is required so as not to discriminate. Do sites like TechPowerup not remember that a significant portion of their...
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    Corsair Neutron SSDs Now Available

    You can even maybe WIN one of these Nice contest at http://thessdreview.com/daily-news/latest-buzz/tssdr-mega-ssd-giveaway-week-2-two-corsair-neutron-240gb-ssds-no-fb-necessary/ You can win one of these SSDs!
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    OCZ Chiron High-Capacity SSD Detailed

    According to OCZ website, this series of drives has been out since 2009
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    PNY launches fourth generation Professional SSD range

    not claimed to be 'better' I did not perceive they were claimiing to be offering a "better" product than the competitors such as the OCZ you cited. This is apparently their first foray into this product level; and calling it their 'professional' series is marketing hype to appeal to a consumer...
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    Build a Cooler, Faster PC with the Revolutionary Lian Li PC-100 Case

    Air is NOT exhausted out the front ZoneDymo I suggest you re-read the release. Exhuast air does NOT come out the front -- airflow is still front to back. More open spaces with dedicated wiring tracks results in more cooling efficiency -- always has, always will.