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    QNAP Launches AMD-powered, Quad-core 2.0GHz, 10GbE TS-x63U Series NAS

    AM1 does support ECC, except only one board to my knowledge actually (kind of) enables support for it, the AM1M-A from ASUS. AMD should take note from Intel's ARK as their product page for the 5350 says it doesn't support ECC, AES and AVX, even though it does (source AMDs Software Optimisation...
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    GTA V Coming to PC This Fall

    "This trailer was captured on Playstation 4" And what do PS4, Xbox1 and PC ALL have in common????
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    Abee Intros Acubic C10R Line of Mini-ITX Cases

    Very-very expensive and it even doesn't support dual-slot videocard:mad: Who'd be mad enough to get one of those- definately not an enthusiast- a single-slot 7750 http://www.powercolor.com/Global/products_features.asp?id=442#Specification isn't what you'd call enthusiast-grade. The 5,25" is a...
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    Processor GFlops Compilation

    Add me! renq | Intel | Celeron G530 @ 2,4GHz | 016.862375 | 007.02598958(3) | Win 8 x64 RTM Better than a FX-4100@ 4,2G :shadedshu EDIT: Sorry, haven't been here for a while, so that request slipped, however, as my FX-4100 result was done in Win 8 Developer Preview, which supposedly...
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    Bad flash on HD6450

    What pins to short? I tried flashing it in DOS, went without a hitch, but now when I start Windows I get a BSOD w/ error system_service_exception. Intel HD Graphics is enabled and in use.
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    Bad flash on HD6450

    Thanks for the quick reply. What do you mean by "try it in DOS"? How do i do that?
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    Bad flash on HD6450

    Hi! I tried to get higher OC potential (more than stock max of 725/900) from my Club3D HD6450 1GB and flashed a Sapphire HD6450 BIOS found on the TPU database onto it. Now it doesn't start. First reboot into win 8 it got to login screen, and then went black. Have been trying to update the...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4096 MB

    Doubt 7990 will beat this monster in games, unless AMD does something radical. However, 7970 is a versatile card (GPGPU, Double Precision etc), GTX680 (and 690 ofcourse) is only (very) good at gaming.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4096 MB

    Wonder if PCI-E 2.x would've bottlenecked this card... You were using PCI-E 3.0, riiight?:toast:
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    Sparkle Introduces its GeForce GTX 560 SE Graphics Card

    Pointless much?! 460SE has 256bit memory, same amount of cuda cores and memory etc.
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    Your PC ATM

    Threw my Computery Schtufff into Shinobi XL: Camble Management is ....lacking...to say the least, but it was a quick build.
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    Spire Introduces the SkyMax High-end DT Heat-pipe VGA Cooler

    Why in the world would you buy one? :wtf: Arctic Twin Turbo II is only ~6 bucks more expensive, but has 54CFM airflow at 0,3 sone (approx 23dBA) noise level and has max cooling capacity of 250W and is shorter (217mm vs 80+80+90+...= 270+ mm)
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    Your PC ATM

    Temp setup, just sold the Shinobi, searching for a new case ATM.
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    COUGAR Launches the GX V2 Series of 80Plus Gold Gaming PSUs

    Yeah, so? IT's GOLD. 1) Gold certification ISN'T the "highest efficiency standard possible", it's a LIE! 2) There are Platinum certified PSUs, for example Enermax Platimax http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1&lv0=1&lv1=52
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    COUGAR Launches the GX V2 Series of 80Plus Gold Gaming PSUs

    Erm, nope: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/80_PLUS#Efficiency_level_certifications Platinum- 94% Titanium- 96%