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    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    I've used PermaTex Silver anti seize for over 10 years off and on, usually for just a few weeks at a time. It's about same as TG4 ect. Although it is fairly good at keeping temp in check, wasn't really a big deal. Good for an "in between" usage when out of real TIM
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    R.I.P Katherine Johnson: An American Hero NASA

    It's sad to hear that Katherine Johnson age 101 passed away. She was so vital to the math to get us to leave orbit And return. The movie Hidden Figures highlights her as well as many others in the fast pace for mankind to achieve the biggest event in spaceflight. God Speed Katherine Johnson, as...
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    How much has your GPU performance increased on your current platform (socket)

    I went with "Twice as fast" since it say's "Current Platform":ohwell: Since I'm still on my {spec's} 2011/12 rig the 2600K and DZ68BC with that awesome Samsung Wonder Ram it has evolved from the XFX5870 XXX card to the 7950 "Kreigabyte" then a couple years ago got a used EVGA TitanSC, and just...
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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    A Huge Thank You to @rtwjunkie for having my perfect Xmas gift to myself ! Mild Oc to 1400/2000 and has made my old system complete :toast: Also just by luck getting groceries one day I seen a clearance tag at my Walmart, Reduced from $529 to $229, I scanned the tag to lookup the item and it...
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    How to get the best audio from a desktop pc?

    Just look at the spec's to compare to, SNR, THD, ect for on board /sound card's there's quite a few that include it in review's, and yes anything added to "alter" the original recording can be a determent sometime's not. As for a desktop set, the Promedia 2.1 or Edifier even a Fluance setup...
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    How to get the best audio from a desktop pc?

    That depends on If the spec's of "Onboard" is as good as an "add on" card Some {Most} motherboard's have Amazing Audio onboard, even older m/b's But you don't really want any extra stuff that changes the "original" recording ie... SRS, that is more of "gimmick" to the sound for Music But...
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    my audiophile system.

    Yea @trickson It seems you don't understand the How a Surround sound system works. My $2,500 Pioneer receiver{s} are "Surround" capable, but I only use Stereo 99% of the time. If the speaker's are Not connected to the Output, they just are Not active perse
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    my audiophile system.

    umm That's because {7Channel Stereo} is sending pretty much the same signal to ALL the speaker's but as a simulated stereo, where as the "Dolbys" are NOT supposed to be the same volume, that's what makes the ambiance and illusion of multi Channel sound.
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    What will you do after January 14, 2020?

    I'm just gonna keep using my favorite Modded W7x64 like I have since 7 came out, so I guess like all the before "Whatcha gonna Do" Nothing :toast:
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    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    Profile pc Just started playing with new GPU i7 2600K 4.93 101 fsb MSI 980Ti 1400 3985
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    GPUZ reports wrong PCI-E version on X58 Mainboard

    Yep ^^ Intel did the same with the DZ68, put out a <failed imho> BIOS patch to run IvyBridge on them, thus they run 3.0 but "Tech Spec's" only showed 2.0
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    Old hardware question

    Back in my early days here there was a LOT of testing that I helped in with<P4EE3.4> and then my Q6700 and the ole Bliss and then the HD38xx and even up to 16Gb of ram it was Really sweet. But most of it was 4x2 Gb of killer stix which I may end up tossing together the stuff for my...
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    I7 2600 high temperatures

    Ooof then indeed it may be it's Not getting good contact. Here is the Install instruction's https://gelidsolutions.com/clients/gelid/userfiles/Siberian_installationa_rev2(1).pdf Seem's you need to unclip it and then make sure all 4 pin's are locked in place then re attach it
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    I7 2600 high temperatures

    Those voltage's are fine, same as my 2600K {except mine is 1.000 vCore, } still really same VID range for those chips There's something else wrong as already said, cooler is not making good contact, or fan not ramping up. Is the Fan Screaming ? It should be running full tilt at those temp's...