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    Scythe Ninja 5

    This ! I modded my Ninja Plus Rev. B from skt 478 day's < on the ole 3.4 EE Gallatin day's > and even with the SAME old 2008 Coolermaster no gimmick fan <molex at that > and even if the fan die's the cpu could care less ! Even with trying other 38mm thic fan's it just wasn't worth the extra...
  2. revin

    Pink Floyd Animals Computer

    Amazing work of art ! Love it is just not enough to say :toast:
  3. revin

    hat's 2600k clocking thread

    Is that board with the Realtek LAN or the Intel LAN. You remember there was a TON of issue's with the P67 series board's, even after the recall, but anyway maybe the Southbridge need's new TIM, or check that the voltage's are running stock for Southbridge. I had issue's with the z77 board on...
  4. revin

    hat's 2600k clocking thread

    Have you tried just upping the Core Current Limit <108>, Turbo Power Boost Power Max <120> and Turbo Short Power Boost Power Max <125>. I only had to add a 40mV for additional Turbo Voltage and left ALL other voltage's stock even the 1.00 Core voltage. As for LLC, this Z68 just use's the Low...
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    Bearing quality, the deadly flaw of the Gentle Typhoon?

    I got in the habit of just re-oiling all my fan's once a year. Couple fan's are over 7 years old, the CM932 fan's are from 2010 iirc and it keep's them nice and quiet. That said there is one old Corsair molex fan that I have oiled in between a couple time's when I notice a lil more noise. Since...
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    GTX 1070 Firmware Overwritten by Malware - Unable to Reset

    If you didn't find anything on there that you felt was not illegal, I'd just put them away somewhere and still have them in case you find more issue's of similar cropping up. I mean there must be a "someone" in the cyber security system that would be willing to use the item<s> to help further...
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    'Ghost Rider': B-52 resurrected from desert Boneyard

    @Liquid Cool https://streamable.com/leyng https://streamable.com/nzbj9 Seen her down in Ft Worth a few years ago, got to crawl all thru her. Amazing aircraft. They did a stopover for 3 day's here, they were selling flight tickets, best seat was $1625 BTW the B-58 Hustler and XB-70 both help...
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    TPU Site Issues 2018

    IsitDown said TPU has been down for 10 hours about an hour ago https://img.techpowerup.org/181021/capture215.jpg
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    Does this bring back any memories?

    Yea iirc it was a "Loophole" that Gainward did that, and it ended up getting them in Hot water about doing the RAM swap. NVidia "allowed the use of the G71 chip", but didn't say about which RAM was to be used. Now there is stricter guideline's on just what an AIB can do different with GPU's. I...
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    Does this bring back any memories?

    Yea pretty much. I still have a pretty Rare Gainward BLISS 7800GS+ AGP 512MB Golden Sample-GLH <Goes Like Hell> It had 512 of the GTX, 7900 1.2ns GDDR3. It was a BEAST. Quite a few here wanted that card from me :respect: I got it for about $400 from a serviceman that was going overseas and...
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    Windows version poll

    @Bill_Bright Thank you for the Poll, it is interesting indeed. :toast: I still use a modded Win 7 version on my PC, and on our laptop, I use another modded Win 7 instead of Toshiba's version. Since I'm still on my old tech, the "newest" part is the Titan SC other than the SSD I actually have...
  12. revin

    Stuttering issue in video applications with "stable system"

    Also how about a GPUz Log to follow the GPU since both used were 970's, just to see if it's hitting the RAM remap/stutter .........
  13. revin

    Do you participate in game streaming?

    My youngest daughter has been streaming for about 2 1/2 years on Twitch, with various games, but the last year and half has been mostly Overwatch. She has become a fairly popular streamer and even Blizzard has taken notice. Last year Twitch asked her to be on the Front Page Spotlight and...
  14. revin

    Matrox G200 - Celebrating 20 Years of Graphics Excellence

    Oh how this bring's back the ole fun 386 times ! Had the one with the add on 4 Mb daughter card. Wow it was so nice :toast: I still have a bunch of Cd's with the game's from both Mystique and Millennium's :pimp:
  15. revin

    GTX 1070 Firmware Overwritten by Malware - Unable to Reset

    Well seems that Intel already implemented that with a jumper, and yea "if some gained access to direct Pc, so same "if they gained the removable device.