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    ASRock Rack Brings AMD EPYC CPUs to "Deep" Mini-ITX Form Factor

    If Asrock did it, so can any other company, so yeah... it is "so simple" - I dont need to be an EE to just admire nice near mITX design and wonder why nobody else did it before on a larger scale. As for the board - I'd buy it immediately if there was a similar design for Threadrippers
  2. rhqq

    AAEON Releases UP Xtreme i11 Edge Compute Enabling Kit Powered by 11th Gen Core

    Oh dear, I'd pay thicc bucks for AMD version in such a great enclosure.
  3. rhqq

    Lenovo Announces the Lightest ThinkPad Ever - ThinkPad X1 Nano

    I'm actually surprised they didn't go with AMD. Better performance, lower cost...
  4. rhqq

    GUNNAR Optiks Launches The "Holy Grail" Of Gaming Glasses, Lightning Bolt 360

    Waiting for pr0 gam3r underwear... With liquid cooling and rgb.
  5. rhqq

    Seagate Giveaway: Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB

    I need the Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB because without upgrading my biggest danger of 2020 will be loss of all my family memories and data.