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    Pat Gelsinger: "Intel Has to be Better at Making CPUs Than That Lifestyle Company"

    Just amazed at all the trouble Intel has had the last few years. It would be impressive if they were able to fix all of their node issues at some point and catch up or even surpass TSMC. That's a longshot at this point, but the thought of it excites me. AMD and Apple are firing on all...
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    Lenovo Announces 5G Enabled Notebooks and Tablets

    My birthday is May 1st, just putting it out there......pal :)
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    Prices of NAND Flash Controller ICs Poised to Rise by 15-20% due to Tightening Production Capacity for Foundry Services, Says TrendForce

    Some of you are apparently away for the holidays, or just missed this article completely, somehow. But I will say "it" :) It's just kind of shocking that there is no excuse of power outages, flooding, lightning strikes, parts shortages, WHATEVER! They've just given up the pretense of excuses...
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    TSMC to Roll Out 3nm Plus Manufacturing Process in 2023

    Hoping to be "wowed" by some of these future 3nm+ products, in particular Apple's items. Not just their traditional incremental battery life improvements and "WHOA" this item is 30% thinner than it was last year. Not sure what I expect from technology these days. I want "more", but I'm not...
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    Wait for It: Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed to December 10th

    "Half-Life 3" :) I don't even know what to say about this. I've had so many games that I anticipated over the years end up being delayed by 3 months, 6 months, a year, it's mind-boggling. If you look at Squaresoft, it often takes them several years to get a game together. They promise a game...
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Lineup Shows Significant Performance Boosts

    Having superior performance is great for AMD, but I hope they've also been working on working with a broader range of manufacturers to get their CPUs in a wider range of laptops, 2 in 1's, tablets, etcetera. I'm not just talking about low end or mid-range products, I want to see more higher end...
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    Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Also Out of Stock; Xbox One X Sales Skyrocket

    You probably lucked out. The first batch could have some horrible manufacturing defect that would have required almost all of the initial purchasers to RMA. Or the reviews will come out for Series X and Playstation 5 and all of the same games will be 20% faster on Playstation 5, versus Series...
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    Toshiba Officially Exits the Laptop Business

    I've never owned a Toshiba laptop but I've seen several used in libraries and restaurants by various people over the years. I'm very picky about computer hardware and design aesthetic and that bold "Toshiba" logo on the back of the laptops never appealed to me. I've known a lot of people over...
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    Samsung's 5 nm EUV Node Struggles with Yields

    That is concerning, but at the same time I don't believe there are any similiar reports of issues like that with TSMC and their work on sub 5nm nodes, so that is something, although these issues with Samsung could delay quite a few devices that work with that company and that specific node...
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    Editorial The COVID-19 Pandemic, or Why Chaos Isn't a Pit... It's a Ladder

    I am not a sports fan. I'm not intro crowds, or parties, or socializing in general. I can't concentrate when I'm in large, loud crowds, amongst lots of people. When I go shopping I try to avoid places where there are tons and tons of people, making a lot of unnecessary noises. I have been...
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    Newegg Offering Free Face Masks with All US Orders

    This is pretty timely. I actually need a mask and they are pretty much out in my area so this would actually be pretty helpful to me right now. If only Newegg had given useful freebies with all of my past orders .
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    AMD CPUs Dominate Amazon Top Sellers List in US, UK and Germany

    It flip flops every few years, but I am hoping that AMD stays on top this time, technologically, and then, eventually financially and in terms of market share and revenue. In my mind, as far as anyone that cares about computers and has even basic diy knowledge of them, AMD is the undeniable MVP...
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    Toshiba and Western Digital Readying 128-layer 3D NAND Flash

    If this achievement increases the storage capacity of nand devices while lowering or maintaining current price levels, I'm happy.
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    SanDisk Unveils World's Fastest 1TB UHS-I microSD Card

    Yesterday this card was available for pre-order at at least one online vendor for $470, today, at the same vendor, and another, the price has magically jumped to $564! The card isn't even supposed to be available until early April, as far as I know. Am I looking at a $1000 price tag by that time?
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    Intel's FinFET-Based Embedded MRAM is Ready for Production

    A very exciting new technology that seems to hold the potential for new types of computers and devices and probably has a lot of unexpected and convenient uses that no one has thought of, yet. I can't wait to see the first devices to use this technology and how they compare to current hardware.