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    Toshiba and Western Digital Readying 128-layer 3D NAND Flash

    If this achievement increases the storage capacity of nand devices while lowering or maintaining current price levels, I'm happy.
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    SanDisk Unveils World's Fastest 1TB UHS-I microSD Card

    Yesterday this card was available for pre-order at at least one online vendor for $470, today, at the same vendor, and another, the price has magically jumped to $564! The card isn't even supposed to be available until early April, as far as I know. Am I looking at a $1000 price tag by that time?
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    Intel's FinFET-Based Embedded MRAM is Ready for Production

    A very exciting new technology that seems to hold the potential for new types of computers and devices and probably has a lot of unexpected and convenient uses that no one has thought of, yet. I can't wait to see the first devices to use this technology and how they compare to current hardware.
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    2019 the Year of 1TB SSDs: Prices Fall by 50%

    Yeah, I've been waiting for AFFORDABLE 4 terabyte SSD's for a while, as in, YEARS, and the price is still way up there because only one or two manufacturers are capable, or willing to produce SSD's in that capacity and that one or two are milking it for all it's worth. I overpaid for my Samsung...
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    SMART Modular Announces New N200 Family of SATA Flash Products

    I've been looking for an msata SSD in a capacity higher than 1 terabyte for a while, at an affordable price, so it is good that this company is actually working with that form factor, but this is still a little disappointing. I would kill for an affordable 2 terabyte msata or even an insanely...
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    Samsung Introduces High-Density 6Gbps SATA SSD and 16Gb-64GB DDR4 RDIMM

    I'm hoping that eventually Intel or some other company will step up and offer SSDs in higher capacities of 2 or 4 terabytes, or greater, in order to drive some kind of reasonable pricing and competition with Samsung's sata SSDs in the 2.5" form factor, but it seems to be taking forever. I would...
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    Display Stocks Tank as Apple's Secret Display R&D and Manufacturing Facility Surfaces

    In the recent past, particularly since Steve's Jobs died, yes, but I am mostly talking about specific areas like design, display quality, audio fidelity, etcetera. Apple is not the uber, super innovative company, now, but they have pushed the other companies to do better, and do more, even if...
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    Display Stocks Tank as Apple's Secret Display R&D and Manufacturing Facility Surfaces

    Apple, in the past, has really forced Microsoft and these other tech companies, HP, Acer, etcetera, to innovate. Apple comes out with some new or cool or updated tech, that is VASTLY overpriced, but still awesome, and everyone else eventually copies or catches up, in order to compete. I don't...
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    NVIDIA's New GPP Program Reportedly Engages in Monopolistic Practices

    I wish there were more companies that could invest and compete in both CPU design and manufacturing and GPU design and manufacturing, or at the very least just the design aspect of things, in order to give Nvidia AND Intel more competition. AMD, as far as I can tell, have done pretty well with...
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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    In today's news: "Samsung releases world's 1st 'consumer' 8tb 2.5 7mm ssd, priced at ONLY $5000 USD. When asked why the msrp for the groundbreaking device was so high, Samsung's representative replied, with a shrug, "Why not?". My apologies for this made up, totally unrealistic, future scenario.
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    Integral Has Done It Again, Announces World-First 512 GB MicroSD Card

    I saw this tonight on amazon.uk on pre-order for 295 pounds, but they won't ship it to the US. It's on pre-order for February 10th. That price translates to $425 in US dollars. No idea when or if it's coming to the US.
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    Integral Has Done It Again, Announces World-First 512 GB MicroSD Card

    So, to be clear, is this coming out next month, February of 2018, or do we have to wait until February of 2019 for the release of this product?
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    Samsung 860 EVO SSD Makes an Appearance

    I can accept that msata drives are not as popular as they were a few years ago, due to the fact that there are newer form factors and technologies like M.2 and NVME; the fact that Samsung are releasing these NEW and CURRENT drives in the msata form factor in addition to the other form factors...
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    Samsung 860 EVO SSD Makes an Appearance

    I was hoping for a 2tb msata drive to be released. I had heard that one of Samsung's portable drives does use a 2tb msata ssd, but the last time I checked it was priced at over $600. That was at least a year ago. Why no consumer release of a separate, individual 2tb msata ssd, not enclosed in...
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    Samsung Reveals 860 Pro 4TB SSD on its Website Listing

    This is the Samsung product that I have been searching for for probably months now; well, one of them anyway. The only problem with this thing is price and I think that Samsung is one of the only major vendors that even sells an ssd in this capacity so it's basically this, or nothing. I need 3...