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  1. Rivage

    Audio-Technica Creator Pack

    just i've had MXL 770 back in 2015. and i remember it as an awesome one! my voice was so sexy low with it. perfect
  2. Rivage

    Audio-Technica Creator Pack

    Boxed MXL 770 (by Marshall) with spider for $80 is legendary killer deal. But still, this AT pack looks tasty, i think is pretty ok for rookies
  3. Rivage

    Audio-Technica Creator Pack

    wow! surprised by the price.
  4. Rivage

    NZXT and RTFKT Announce Partnership

    Lks as vry nc prtnrshp. I lkd.
  5. Rivage

    Team Group T-Create Classic 10L DDR4-3200 MHz CL22 2x32 GB

    that timings! oh my god.
  6. Rivage

    Nanoxia Deep Silence 8 Pro

    Good German version of Fractal
  7. Rivage

    XPG Core Reactor 750 W

    Nippon Chemi-Con + Nichicon caps. Not bad. Looks like decent CWT platform overall
  8. Rivage

    Best Power Supply Buying Guide (Jun 2020)

    too much corsair, hmm. my adblock is a bit worry, lol. i don't trust much to their cwt oem, dunno. tho i know, that cwt both has very good and poor platforms. and i am very happy with my seasonic gold 850W and xfx platinum 1000W (seasonic oem)
  9. Rivage

    MSI Rolls Out MEG Infinite X 10th and MAG Infinite S Gaming Desktops

    this pre-built rig is for those who have fear to build, and for those who think that builders are poor peasants
  10. Rivage

    MSI Rolls Out MEG Infinite X 10th and MAG Infinite S Gaming Desktops

    looks as poor version of ROG everyone copy-paste ROG
  11. Rivage

    Fractal Define 7

    have 8x 3.5" drives already. and gonna need soon at least 2x 8-10TB. Chassis with drives hotswap is nice ofc. But there's a bit different price tag, while Define 7 is cheap to me. Also, i do like the universality and modularity of it. It can be whatsoever, or gaming chassis, or file server, or...
  12. Rivage

    Fractal Define 7

    13 x 3.5" HDD! Porn case of the year!
  13. Rivage

    Antec Announces the P120 Crystal Case

    Why? Because PSU works louder on top?
  14. Rivage

    ASRock Radeon RX 5700 XT Taichi OC+

    Oh, it's loud! Radeon remains Radeon. Well, some EK LC will fix the thing.
  15. Rivage

    Antec P101 Silent

    Also their thermal compounds are really good. Not expensive but near to the top quality.