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    Your PC ATM

    Why is it so Foggy?
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    Your PC ATM

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    Your PC ATM

    All my Tech
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    ALFA AWUS036ACS 802.11ac Driver Stupidness [Fixed!!!]

    Hi guy's, I'm somewht new to Linux and my God when I wanted a USB WiFi Adapter to just *Work with Linux it should but in the Product Info. it states it should but on Ubuntu-Linux MINT it doesn't and I tried the Driver tool thing but still after a restart nothing! What am I doing wrong?!!! I...
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    Your PC ATM

    Tonight being worked on
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    Poking underneath the MB of a Zotac-Mini

    Hi guy's... I had a Zotac mini PC before and Me&A Friend poked underneath the MB and found one WiFi mSata Conector and 1 Sata Storage Connector so clearly Zotac doesn't mention this in the book/site Given the Knowing I would like to buy the Zotac ZBOX-B1320-U for yes my last Mini Video Server...
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    Your PC ATM

    A more Good shot Hence yeah I should of removed that old Netgear WIFI Adapter ha I use one that's on my desk far in the corner Hence sorry for the Bad Images "Using my SAMSUNG A01" :eek:
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    OMG look at this!

    Oh NO it's a Foxconn board :p
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    Your PC ATM

    My same case without the cracked Window plus just re-did wiring...
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    Rosewill ZIRCON T ATX Mid window

    Hi guy's... So my case has a cracked window and would like to just replace the Window as it's just held by screws. Where can I find one?
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    .NET Framework 5.0

    I was nit-picking to why MS including an update or two to even update (to WiN10) when I was at the time still on W7 that's All. Just now I'm Happy they Finally got to releasing 5.0
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    .NET Framework 5.0

    So it's been released and supported 7/8 and course 10 but I asked why even 7 when MS wants to make you switch by the updates MS includes in the updates with Windows 7! My GoD MS leave US Alone!!! DOWNLOAD BLOG
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    Your PC ATM

    Added two 80mm Fans to Heatsink. My Friend is a Life Saver and I pray for him to doing this kind work cause of he knows for a fact I could of done this 4yrs ago
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    Sony Showcases Two PlayStation 5 Console Versions, Platform-Exclusive Next Generation Games

    Just searched "PS5 Look" and First LINK :laugh: “It looks like a stormtrooper made love to an art deco lamp. I actually don’t hate it.” – Brian Westover, Editor “I think it’s bizarre and kind of ugly.” – Mike Andronico, Editor-in-Chief