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    When the Supplements Market Hybridizes With Gaming: God Mode Pills

    I will only buy them if the bottle has RGB lighting
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    Synology Introduces RackStation RS818+/RS818RP+ and Expansion Unit RX418

    I agree. The C2538 Atom is a known CPU for just up and dying after 18 months. They were released in 2013 and replaced by the C3000 series in 2016 so employing this series of chips is beyond a confusing choice. The ONLY update to this machine has is the 10GB network option. Which no real SOHO...
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    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    Oh let me check my loot crate to see if I feel bad for EA.... NOPE!!
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    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    This is a pathetic attempt at self-policing before the government steps in. Unless actual laws pass that govern loot-boxes and gacha type games the companies will create the minimum efforts to change what generates hundreds of millions of dollars. But they will wave the banner of responsibility...
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    Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Operating System

    I found the video funny how he started a lot of the feature descriptions as '*this feature* is back!!' as if this was a genius move on their part. also... that hair!! I also think they went to Windows 10 to make people the non-tech people think they're really out of date with being on...
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    Latest Windows 8 Screenshots Reveal Ouster of Aero Glass UI

    I REALLY hate it when Tech companies go bat-sh*t insane and stop listening to the customer and instead start telling the customer it knows whats good for them and to suck it up and take it up the OS poop chute like a man. So really I have been hating MS and Apple for a while now. In this...
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    Giada Also Intros HM65 Tiny System Board

    Thank god that wasn't a 'Yo Dawg! I heard you like...' joke;)
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    Giada Also Intros HM65 Tiny System Board

    Thats a very cool idea! But why are the ports on the top of the card and not on a PCI backplate so they stick out of the case?
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    Firefox 12 Officially Released

    crap Firefox used to be awesome. I would use it over chrome any day when Chrome first came out. Then it changed. I now use Chrome almost 100% of the time. When I develop web apps they just work better. At work we've actually had to stop people from using firefox since version 7. They've...
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    EA Posts Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer, Box Art

    Because if you were a god you'd be bored with the easy things. Like how I ended up only playing Half-life2 death match with the crow-bar since all the people I played with where horrible beyond words. Then that became too easy so I started playing with the Fat guy with a giant coffee cup on his...
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    ZOTAC Announces its GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card

    I just ordered mine!! :D
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    Commodore USA Releases First New Commodore Amiga in 20 Years

    I can get a Power PC mac-mini for cheap cheap cheap and run MorphOS on it (for free). That's more of an Amiga than this.
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    Commodore USA Releases First New Commodore Amiga in 20 Years

    Simply putting a PC in a mac-mini like case and putting the AMIGA name on it does NOT make it an AMIGA!!!! as a person who owned a 1000,500,2000 and 4000 I can say this is another sad day for that brand name. Now if it came with a new version of AMIGA OS 4.1 and not a themed linux then it...
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    Windows 8 Launches in October, x86 and ARM Simultaneously

    Apple at least has it right. A tablet OS for a tablet and a desktop OS for the Desktop. If you want tablet functions and features they are there but when you need them but they are out of the way. Microsoft doesn't understand the tablet market. Never have - Never will. In the past they have...
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    Synology Releases DiskStation DS412+ with Improved Case Design

    well the DS411+ is listed for $639.99 on newegg. And the article did say under $650. So I'm going to guess somewhere in that range. I have the DS410 And I LOVE it. Best thing I've bought in a long time. Streams to all my media devices and is rock solid. I like this new design