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    AOC and Porsche Partner in Bringing Two Porsche Design Monitors to Market

    Watering down their brand? They are an industrial design company and they've designed coffeemakers for Siemens, external drives for Lacie and power tools for Metabo. (the VAZ-2108 had heads designed in cooperation with Porsche Engineering)
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    Fow how much can I sell a 680 lightning?

    Well, I'm not going to tell you not to charge what the market will bear, but I think that the market is somewhat lower...you seem like a nice guy, so I'd love to be proved wrong :)
  3. Rockarola

    Fow how much can I sell a 680 lightning?

    No you won't, but we all like to think that we can. Is the card selling for 120CAD, or is it advertised at that price (without any mention of numbers sold)?
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    Free Game Alert: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Available for Free Today Only

    I'm in no way, shape or form a fan of EA, but I really like sandbox racing games (Need For Speed), and any issues with Origin is usually fixed in 2-4 hours. Any issues with Ubisoft is usually fixed within 2-4 months (The Crew 1+2)...and any Bethesda (any game) issues is usually solved within...
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    Bethesda Bringing Fallout 76, Rage 2, Doom Eternal, and Wolfenstein Games to Steam

    Whoa, you're pretty grumpy! "some idiots" + "hot topic" = news, as in people wants to read about a hot topic. So if I have a complaint about any platform, other than Steam, I am "some idiot" and should get a room...really? With whom? Why all the anger?
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    Intel Graphics Teases a New Gamer-Friendly Control Panel

    Sorry, I reckon I misunderstood you...no harm, no foul :)
  7. Rockarola

    Best lubrication for fan

    Yup, light grease is easy...if you know your lubricants, otherwise it's easy to screw up. (You should never underestimate the incompetence of the uninformed)
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    Microsoft Paves the Way for Industry-Wide Adoption of Variable Rate Shading

    Hey Fluffy, keep your trolling to the bedroom, mkay? You are boring, repetitive and unimaginative...that crap belongs in your bedroom, not here!
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    Intel Graphics Teases a New Gamer-Friendly Control Panel

    Well, that song has been played before. AMD basically survived because of superior APUs, since a lot of people on a low budget still likes to game...Bulldozer should have sold about 0 units, but the APU sold those crappy CPUs. AMD is definitely not competing in the high-end GPU market, but they...
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    AMD Patents Variable Rate Shading Technique for Console, VR Performance Domination

    My 9 year old nephew loves the Switch, as he loves gaming but his parents wants to watch TV more than occasionally. I'm building a (light) gaming system with him, just to allow his parents to watch Dr Who. As for any console...I still have my PS2, 158 million sold, Sony got something right...
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    Best lubrication for fan

    Brake cleaner or MC chain cleaner will do just fine, as long as it's formulated to strip greasy residue. Light grease will work great, as long as it is meant for bearings, but I've seen fans lubricated with blue copper grease (heavy grease, belongs in high load/low RPM applications)...poor...
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    Devil May Cry 5, Capcom accidently releases Denuvo free version (and its 20 fps faster than Denuvo version) LOL

    Best selling...if you are buying a new monitor, why not spend a little extra? Most used...no bloody way! I'm still on a 7 year old Dell monitor and a 280X. Like a lot of people, I'll upgrade when needed, not just because. I'd love to upgrade, but my Suzuki needs a new fairing, I've just...
  13. Rockarola

    Best lubrication for fan

    Yeah, that'll gum up your fan. I used to do maintenance on some industrial PCs in a very dusty area of a factory. These were ordinary PCs placed in an industrial environment, so I needed a lot of compressed air and lube to keep them going. I've used Moebius Watch Oil (I collect mechanical...
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    Best lubrication for fan

    Sewing machine oil is formulated for high RPM bearings in a hot, dusty, dirty environment...that sounds like the average fan to me
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    When were the biggest leaps in graphics cards performance?

    I have nothing to add, except that seeing Tseng Labs, S3, Matrox, 3DFX and Riva TNT mentioned makes me feel like a kid again...building computers is a lot easier these days, but I had so much fun back then, subscribing to 5 different magazines, going to 8 different stores to find the right...