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    Intel Comet Lake Pricing Leaked

    Thanks, Swede! I started to do the cypherin' in my head, but you saved me the trouble. I'm wanting to build another desktop soon so your info is a big help. I'm also in the market for another 17" laptop, but that's a horse of another color. There are a couple of kids in our condo unit that are...
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    COUGAR Announces Conquer Essence Micro ATX/Mini ITX Case

    It's interesting and I'd like to see it "in person", but that's all.
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    Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Finally Gets Launch Date

    Will this new release work on Win7? I noticed the article said "coming to a Win10" so I'm curious.
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    AKRacing Shows Off Gaming Chairs at CES 2018

    I'm 67, have a bad back and Sciatic problems. A high quality, well-supporting and comfortable chair is essential. With all the new gaming chairs coming out, I'm intrigued, but won't dare order a chair I haven't tried but we have a company in town that will customize chairs like this with...
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    Seasonic Proudly Displays Its Snow Silent Gold Lineup of PSUs at CES 2018

    And I'm a Seasonic fanboy. I tend to be brand loyal if a manufacturer provides consistent high or superior quality. Seasonic has done that for me over the last 10 years, though until their Focus series they were getting a little long in the tooth and showing it. The new Silent Snow PSUs will...
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    Intel Core i7-8809G "Kaby Lake + Vega" MCM Specs Leaked Again, Indicate Dual IGP

    Color me skeptical. I'm looking forward to reviews IF Intel actually markets this. I always use discreet GPUs so I have no interest anyway, but I know many others that do and I'm always open to new ways of doing things.
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    Baidu Deploys AMD EPYC Single Socket Platforms to Power its 'ABC' Datacenters

    I can live with this kind of advertising because it allows me to keep up with the tech industry and isn't "in your face" ads.
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    Be Quiet Announces Availability of Dark Base 700 Chassis

    Guru3D has a review of the 700 today.
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    Leading German Retailer Sees AMD Ryzen Outsell Intel Core Processors

    I'm happy Intel has competition once again. Intel's pricing may or may not be significantly affected, but competition makes for better products overall.
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    Apacer Intros the PT920 Commando PCIe NVMe SSD

    I like that this SSD looks unique and interesting, but it really does look like the stapler I first thought it was. Perhaps more detail would make it look like what it's supposed to be modeled after. I hope we'll see more different NVMe SSDs in the future.
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    The Slumbering Giant Wakes: Intel to Introduce 18-core X-Series Processors?

    The number of cores matters less than Intel now has competition. Competition can be a wonderful thing. In this case it is.
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    AZiO Also Unveils the Retro 2 Mechanical Keyboard

    Sure brings back memories. If Cherry mechanical switches were used, I'd be sorely tempted to grab one. Edit: Oooops! I should have looked a couple of stories down at the AZi0 Armato Classic keyboard with Cherry switches. Now that's an interesting keyboard.
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    ASUS Announces Availability of the ROG Claymore Series Keyboards

    Yeah, I gotta agree with you. The surface is "off-putting" and I would prefer a "smoother" surface with little or no patterns etched into it. Aside from that minor quibble, I really like this keyboard and, unless something else comes along, I intend on buying this for my soon-to-be new build.
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    Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSDs Up for Pre-order

    I have two 950 pros @ 512GB that I'm very happy with. But I'm so curious about why you would consider swapping for 960 pros. Am I missing something?