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    Sony Introduces the World's First 9.1ch Digital Surround Wireless Headphones

    That's exactly what this is, it's just not made very clear in the article. It's a DSP box that connects to your equipment via HDMI and supports a range of wireless stereo headphones. These have been out for a while in Japan already.
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    Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors

    Care to share the make and model of this cheaper and better alternative? I'm looking at some customs to replace my Grado GR10s.
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    Steiger Dynamics Offers LEET Chassis for DIY Builders

    Look at the gallery pictures on the product page. It's certainly not milled from one piece of aluminium. The front and sides are made from a single piece of aluminium which I assume has been bent because milling that would be insane. The top, bottom and rear panels are all separate.
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    AMD's Answer to GeForce GTX 700 Series: Volcanic Islands

    Looks more like an Opteron flavour APU than a GPU.